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The fillet with green pepper, the meat as the French like it

A fine cut cooked according to the French tradition with cream and butter. Discover the recipe of this kitchen classic

The fillet with green pepper is a traditional French dish, very rich, but very easy to cook. It takes a few ingredients, but of the highest quality, starting from the meat, which must be lean and tender. For this reason it is essential that it derives from the fillet of beef, a fine cut that is obtained from the rib and that is free of fats and nerves. Then serve green pepper, cream, mustard, Brandy.

The aroma of green pepper

The green pepper it is obtained from the fruit of the pepper plant and takes on this color when it is not completely mature. It can be stored dry, in brine or in vinegar. Green pepper has the characteristic of having a very fresh taste compared to the spicier one of the other types: it is herbaceous, balsamic and gives the maximum if kept as natural as possible.

Meat cooking

Deciding at which point the fillet is ready is subjective, but for this recipe it is essential that the heart of the meat is to the blood. In French it is said saignant cooking, to the blood in fact. To get it, keep the meat on high heat for two minutes, turning it on each side, then remove it immediately: in this way an external crust will form, but the heart will remain red and very hot, and aroma and taste will be guaranteed.

The recipe of fillet with green pepper

4 medallions of beef fillet, about 800 g, 150 ml fresh cream, 50 g butter, 3 tablespoons green pepper, 2 tablespoons mustard, a small glass of Brandy.

Method: First, take the meat medallions and wrap them with a kitchen string on the sides, so that they do not lose their shape during cooking. Crush a few grains of pepper and sprinkle the meat fillets on both sides with these, and press to adhere well to the surface. Heat the butter in a pan, brown the fillets two minutes per side, add salt and then place them in a warm dish. Crush the remaining peppercorns and add them to the butter, sprinkle with the Brandy and then add the mustard and fresh cream. Let it thicken and then put the meat fillets back into the pan, turn them a minute on each side, check them with salt and then serve. Pour the excess sauce into a gravy boat and leave it on the table for the guests.

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