The EU Parliament has banned disposable pastiche (stop since 2021) – Italian Cuisine

The EU Parliament has banned disposable pastiche (stop since 2021)

The good news comes from Strasbourg and points the lights once again on the plastic theme. Here's what will disappear in the next 3 years

Millions of kids marching for a better world and their Nobel Peace Prize nominee leader. The increasingly conscious and ecological choices of private companies, the assiduous commitment of institutions. Something has changed, since the nightmare of suffocating in a plastic sea has become of everyone. And to confirm the collective need to change (and eliminate) the small bad habits that have brought us here, comes good news from Strasbourg. The provision that provides for theelimination of disposable plastic objects by 2021 it was approved with 560 votes in favor and only 35 against.
The objectives of the provision also include recycling, greater involvement of producers in disposal processes and greater information directly to consumers. The labels of some particularly complicated products to be disposed of, must clearly indicate this.

The prohibited products (by 2021)

Cutlery, plates, straws, cotton buds, balloon sticks, oxy-degradable plastics, food containers and polystyrene cups. These are the products that will be eliminated in order to reduce the continuous need to dispose of disposable plastic items. But the effects of the provision do not end there. Producers of polluting materials such as cigarettes (butts represent a real environmental scourge) will be called upon to financially support the waste collection and disposal operations.

A new possibility for Europe

"Europe now has a legislative model to defend and promote internationally, given the global nature of the problem of marine pollution caused by plastics. This is essential for the planet, "commented Frèdèrique Ries, the rapporteur for the measure.
Sergio Costa, Environment Minister, also publicly supported the directive. «Historical vote in the European Parliament: the path to stop the disposable plastic in the EU is reality. As soon as the formal procedure will be concluded, indicatively at the end of April, we will immediately take action to implement the directive in Italy ".

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