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Spongy and soft, they are perfect with butter and jam, but also savory, with bacon and cheese

Thicker, smaller and spongy of pancakes, i crumpets I'm round focaccia of English origin, or better than the Wales. Here, until the 19th century, bread was baked on an iron plate over the fire, because the ovens were not available. It seems that the crumpets can date back to that period. According to other versions instead, these small round cakes they were also called picklets and speaks about it for the first time in 1769 Elizabeth Raffald in The Experienced English Housekeeper.

Crumpets at tea time (but not only)

English crumpets usually have 8 cm in diameter is one thickness of 2. They are prepared with the use of a coppapasta, which is placed on the plate so as to give the shape and make all the scones of the same size. The surface is rich in pores that allow the butter, or to another seasoning, to be absorbed. They serve alltea time, sweet version, with le jams, or at breakfast, even savory, with bacon and cheese.

The recipe for crumpets


400 grams of flour
350 milliliters of warm milk
200 milliliters of warm water
20 grams of sugar
5 grams of bicarbonate
7 grams of powdered brewer's yeast
7 grams of salt
seed oil to grease the pan
butter and jams for seasoning


In a bowl – either the kitchen robot or a simple one that you will then use with the hand whisk – pour and mix the milk, sugar and brewer's yeast. Leave to rest for about ten minutes.

Then add the flour you have sifted and the salt. Mix everything with the whisk: you will have to obtain a soft and smooth mixture. Cover with the film and let it rise for about an hour at room temperature.

When the time is almost over, in another container dissolve in the lukewarm water bicarbonate and add it to the other dough by mixing it flatly to blend.


Heat a plate such as piadina or a simple non-stick pan, grease it with seed oil (you can help with a piece of soaked kitchen paper). Place the pastry rings that you have brushed internally with butter. Pour a ladle of mixture into each stencil and cook the crumpets for a few minutes until they brown. With a spatula turn the crumpet and cook it on the other side.

Serve then with the butter, of the jams (typical English is for example that of bitter orange) and a great one you.

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