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the donut that celebrates Easter in Umbria

A pink cake decorated with white meringue and colored sprinkles, beautiful to bring to the table for breakfast and Easter lunch

In Umbria, in particular a Perugia, there ciaramicola is the traditional dessert of Easter.
It's about a donut, although it does not always have this shape, which in the dough has l'alchermes and which therefore once cooked is of Pink color.
The particularity of this cake, in addition to the color, is the garnish prepared with the whipped egg white decorated with colored sprinkles. The album is not cooked in the oven, but simply needs to firm up.

History of ciaramicola

The ciaramicola is a sweet red and white because red and white are the colors of the city ​​of Perugia.
In the Umbrian tradition this was the dessert that the brides promises they gave to the future husband for Easter.
The ciaramicola almost always has the shape of a donut, but it can also be a cake.
Inside it is possible to realize a cross and add five bumps representing the districts of Perugia.

Italian meringue

There Meringue decorating this donut it is not baked in the oven, so be very careful!
To pasteurize the eggs, we suggest you use a boiling sugar syrup to be poured slowly into the egg whites while they are rising so as to pasteurize them and eliminate any parasites.
If you don't like the flavor of albumen, you can replace the meringue with whipped cream.

Recipe of the ciaramicola


450 g of 00 flour
250 g of sugar
120 g of butter
2 eggs
1 packet of yeast
Grated rind of 1 lemon
½ glass of alchermes
3 egg whites
Colored sprinkles


Mix the flour with the sugar, the butter, the eggs, the baking powder, the grated lemon rind and the alchermes. If necessary, add a little milk.
With 2/3 of the dough form a long cylinder and close it as a donut.
Place it on a greased baking sheet and complete with 2 thin rolls made with the advanced dough, arranging them crosswise in the center of the donut.
If you want and if you have some pasta left make 5 balls and place one in the center of the cross and the other four at the ends.
Cook the Ciaramicola in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 30 minutes.
Meanwhile, whisk 3 egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt and two tablespoons of icing sugar, or with a sugar syrup instead of sugar.
Once the cake is ready, let it cool well and then decorate it with the egg whites.
Complete with colored sprinkles and leave the meringue to harden for a few hours before serving.

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