The direct Instagram to follow in quarantine – Italian Cuisine

The direct Instagram to follow in quarantine

By following the live on the social network you can learn the recipes of the chefs, listen to readings and reading tips, attend a theater show, enter a museum and even go on a safari in Africa

There quarantine it will last a little longer, but you have already done everything to occupy your time: prepared the homemade bread (but also the Pizza, the cakes, lo yogurt), watched an entire TV series, did the spring cleaning, arranged the garden, disposed of the e-mail, called all the friends in the phone book. Do you want an idea to keep you busy? If you are still without Instagram It is the perfect time to create an account because, as anyone who already uses this social network knows, many are using live broadcasts, or live videos, to entertain and keep in touch with their fans. Those who follow the direct can comment, spend some time in the company and also learn something. Here are the most interesting ones to participate in.

Cooking and small talk

Of course, you can't miss the live broadcast #Dinner time on Instagram page of @LaCucinaItaliana: every day, at 17:30, our director Maddalena Fossati interview a great one Italian chef. And some recipes to copy always escape us, with lots of tips to follow and secrets revealed. At 11, always on @LaCucinaItaliana Sabina Montevergine chat with the chefs of our cooking school: how to make it, how to optimize it, how to make up for certain ingredients that become less accessible these days, the hashtag is #lezionidispesa. Still on the subject of cooking, many chefs give you an appointment to prepare some dishes together. One for all? Massimo Bottura with the hashtag #kitchenquarantine every day at 20.

Closed museums, open museums

Museums, like many other places of culture and entertainment, are closed, but many of them, with the hashtag #museichiusimuseiaperti, have organized virtual and direct tours to follow on the sites or on social networks. The Triennale Museum of Milan, inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron, which tells of a group of young people who in 1348 for ten days stayed outside Florence to escape the black plague and took turns telling stories to spend time, he invited artists, designers, architects, intellectuals, musicians, singers, writers, directors, journalists to develop a personal narrative. Everyday at 17.00 a new story is broadcast live on the Triennale Instragram channel. Even the Padua Museum of the History of Medicine organizes many appointments on social media: for example, on 11 April at 6pm, there is a visit to live Instagram of the exhibition "I live healthy – Nutrition and DNA", by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation. Along the way you can ask questions, answer quizzes and interact.

Theater at home

The San Carlo theater in Naples launched the hashtag #stageathome to bring her stage into everyone's homes, making some of the available online shows of the past seasons. The broadcast is always at 20 and is accessible through the social accounts of the Theater (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The La Fenice Theater in Venice instead he organizes every day at 6pm live Instagram of the Venetian director Damiano Michieletto in dialogue each time with a different artist. The live broadcast lasts about fifteen minutes and also includes small performances, from playing a piece of music or reading a text.

Books, authors and libraries

Camilla Ronzullo alias @zeldawasawriter at 14.3o offers a direct on his account every day with a different bookstore in Italy. In Turin, Antonella Menzio of the Ubik library di Rivoli interviews an author live on the Instagram channel at 15.30 every day. Even the library Interno95 of Bagheria and the editorial staff of the "Lucialibri" website have created "Books against Covid" inviting the authors to participate in the 19 minute live broadcast dedicated to a book and reading in general. Is called #sofa bed Cristina Di Canio's initiative of the Milanese bookshop La Lilac box who continues to talk about books with the authors and readers, but live from the sofa bed of his house with a daily appointment at 12.30.

Live concerts with remote audience

It was one of the first ideas born during the Coronavirus emergency to feel even distant from each other. With the'hashtag #iosuonodacasa every day you can follow live streaming concerts on social media: many people are singing and playing, but also famous artists.

Fairy tales and shows for children

Every Child Is My Child Onlus is live every day at 5 pm on his Instagram page: the artists who support the association lend their faces and voices to read fairy tales to children all over the world and to be together, chasing away boredom. The company A fairytale theater it stages every day from 5 to 6 pm interactive comic show "A fabulous pajamas" dedicated to the whole family.

Safari from the sofa

If you connect to theInstagram account of the tour operator & Beyond specialized in safari in Africa, notifications arrive when the guides of the Kruger National Park in South Africa sight some animals of the savannah and show it live on social media.

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