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The difference between omelette and omelette

They are both egg-based, but the ingredients, preparation and cooking are very different from each other. Here are the recipes of one and the other

Many believe that omelette both the French translation of the word omelette. It is actually about two similar but different things, of two egg recipes, prepared differently.

Omelet and omelette: the ingredients

The omelet is prepared with eggs, parmesan, a little milk, salt and pepper. You can then add vegetables, cheeses or simply some aromatic herbs.
Omelette, on the other hand, has only one ingredient: le eggs. Just mount them with a pinch of salt and cook them in a pan. The more they are mounted, the more they incorporate air, the softer the omelet will be.


The omelet is cooked on both sides while the omelette must remain more creamy and therefore cook only at the base, leaving the heart soft.
The omelette can be cooked in a pan with little oil or in the oven, while the omelette should be cooked in butter.

The eggs

In the omelette they are beaten not too uniformlyjust enough time to mix them up a bit. Just mix them a little with a fork to combine egg yolks and egg whites, but without making them a homogeneous mixture. In the omelet instead eggs must incorporate air and become more frothy to inflate better during cooking. To do this, use the hand whisk, or the electric one.

The presentation

The omelette it is round and can be enriched with other ingredients that are cooked together with eggs, the omelette instead has the characteristic shape of a wrap and then wraps a filling. It is folded on itself and is usually stuffed with cheese that melts with heat and then with other ingredients as desired. Typically omelets are single portions.

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