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The difference between lobster and lobster and how to cook them

To cook shellfish is a real challenge. Here are our tips for a guaranteed success with lobster and lobster (but also spider crab)

Before even thinking about how to cook them and the cutlery to avoid unpleasant struggles at the last sketch for the guests, you have to choose who will be the king or queen of the table: lobster, lobster or spider crab?

Lobster, attention to weight

There are those who have no doubts, she is the "queen of the table". Meat firm but soft, from the soft and delicate taste, the lobster is not only a symbol of opulence but one of those dishes that re-educates the palate. At the time of purchase it must be heavy (sign that it was recently caught). Better to choose examples not too big (around 800 g for two people, over 2 kg is old) e females, because they are tastier. The best way to enhance its flavor is boil it in the court-bouillon. It can be accompanied with sauces whose taste does not overlap. There citronette, made with 4 or 5 tablespoons of oil, two of lemon juice, salt and the eggs of the crustacean, it is perfect if the lobster is served cold.

Lobster, the eternal rival

THE'lobster stands out from lobster for le two large claws which he uses as a weapon of self-defense. There are two species: that American and that European, which differs from the first in its blue color. Often considered less valuable than lobster because of the slightly more fibrous meat and the more decisive taste, it has the advantage of having a more affordable price. Good to serve in salad, approached for example with exotic fruits such as mango or avocado, the maximum performance expresses it with the classic linguine with tomato sauce. For four people they serve a lobster, two shallots, garlic, tomato pulp, white wine, oil, brandy, thyme, salt, pepper, chilli, basil and parsley. After having blanched the lobster in the court-bouillon, cut it in half with a poultry chopper and then cut it into pieces. Put it in a pan with the pulp of the claws and let it flavor with oil. Add a ladle of water, thyme, basil and chilli and cook until you get a restricted stock. At this point sauté garlic and shallots, sprinkle with the brandy and make them flambé. Join the lobster, broth and the tomato pulp, salt to taste and cook for 10 minutes. Boil the linguine and add them to the sauce.

Granseola, the outsider

Also known as spider crab or spider crab, this one crab, without claws, lives on sandy bottoms, especially of the Adriatic. The real business is clean the shell thoroughly from mud and algae when the animal is still alive. This crustacean also has one very delicate meat, which is well suited to be enjoyed alone. An alternative is preparation "To Trieste". For four people serve four crabs, garlic, parsley, a lemon, salt, pepper, oil and grated bread. After having burned them, completely empty the shellfish shells, removing them the liquid that goes together with the pulp finely chopped. Add the garlic and parsley, also minced, salt, pepper, oil, breadcrumbs and lemon juice. Mix everything, fill the shells with the mixture and sprinkle with a handful of grated bread. Put in the oven and cook at 170 degrees for half an hour. The dish should still be served hot.

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