The cuisine of Naples, a book but above all a lifestyle – Italian Cuisine

The cuisine of Naples, a book but above all a lifestyle

The memorable film "The art of getting by" from far away 1954 directed by Luigi Zampa and interpreted by a fantastic Alberto Sordi tells the great ductility of the Italian that rises exponentially in the Neapolitan inhabitant: it is not a cliché, to Naples the"The art of getting married has given life to unimaginable and surprising trades and the same attitude can also be found in the culinary history of Naples and the Neapolitans.
Popular tradition has always wanted the ability to create lunches and dinners for large and hungry families with little or nothing, but in Naples it is not a question of filling the plate, in Naples it is the triumph of taste that manifests itself in a an incredible and complex recipe of flavors, stories and identity.

The cuisine of Naples, the book

Guido Tommasi Editore's mission is to collect and tell this incredible triumph of ingenuity and creativity: pizza, of course, pasta in its most sumptuous architecture of timbales, lasagens and timpani, fried foods, ingenious vegetables – we respectfully mention only the eggplant parmigiana but the fanciful vegetable variations are inconceivable – and then the sauces, the desserts … 250 pages for a Neapolitan full immersion not to be missed.

The recipe for you: zucchini flowers, fried in the Neapolitan style

Stuffing them with ricotta and provola is an exercise in delicacy, but they are undoubtedly the best flowers you can come across!

Recipe for about 10 flowers

10 – 12 flowers
80 g of flour
160 g of cold water, possibly carbonated
100 g of ricotta
1 tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese
1 slice of smoked provola
fry oil


Gently wash the zucchini flowers, dab them with kitchen paper and, very carefully, remove the pistil inside. Mix the ricotta with the Parmesan, salt and basil. Cut the smoked provola into small pieces. Stuff each flower with a teaspoon of ricotta filling, put a couple of cubes of provola and finish with half a tablespoon of ricotta.
Try to close the apex of flower goni screwing the final part of the petals.

This recipe has already been read 155 times!

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