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A fishermen's cooperative offers tasting menus of Adriatic fish in self-service mode and with wine all you can drink. Complete menu, at € 14. Are you curious? Just go to Fano, Cattolica, then Milano Marittima, Rimini, Senigallia and San Benedetto del Tronto

They have been cooking for 70 years, actually 71 to be precise, because it was in 1939 that Coomarpesca, a fishermen's cooperative in Fano, was born from a Mutual Aid Society. He was among the first to understand that Adriatic fish should be valued, that cooking it was more profitable than just catching it, that food trucks would become fashionable and that today they have self-service shops scattered between Romagna and Marche; and a restaurant vessel. Where a tasting menu costs € 14 and where there was even Pope John Paul II.

The promoters of Adriatic fish

It all started on the fishing boats and then in the port, where simple and traditional dishes were prepared just a few hours after fishing, cooked according to typical recipes and with ingredients from the Adriatic. But Fano was close to him and so the fishermen practically became real pioneers of street food. Equipped with a large car market equipped with cold storage and a transportable hearth, the Fano fishermen's cooperative set out on the streets of the Marche hinterland in the squares of the province of Pesaro and Urbino, bringing samples of grilled fish, free, almost everywhere. The PesceAzzurro di Fano began to be appreciated throughout the province and from there the idea of ​​a restaurant that fully reflected the festive atmosphere found in the historic centers of the province and in the streets of the port of Fano, with tables in which to recreate the atmosphere of a festival. Affordable self-service – it's a success.

From Fano to 7 restaurants, boat included

After Fano they opened with the same formula in Cattolica (right next to the Aquarium), Milano Marittima, Rimini, Senigallia and finally San Benedetto del Tronto. And then there is Bluefish on a boat, the floating restaurant moored in the port of Fano (closed during summer 2020).

What do you eat (a lot)

No unknowns, the menu changes every day, is the same for all restaurants and is repeated throughout the month; complete with a calendar, for amateurs. Anchovies maritane, mackerel in olive sauce, clams with pureta, fish peppers, fish balls, fish ascolane, fusilli with squid, tagliolini with clams, homemade marinara, tagliolini with sea hen. Second courses, blue grilled, fried calameri, cuttlefish and peas, mackerel in pour sauce. Every day there is a different dish, a couple of choices, so that everything is fresh, and you choose. The Complete includes: two appetizers, a first, a second, a side dish, bread, water and wine on tap in quantity. All for 14 €. "They raised their prices, before it cost € 12.90". Little, however, and even less for the over 65s (€ 1 discount), € 2 discount on patron's day, € 4 for a first course for children. And then as a souvenir you can also buy fish sauces to take home. It can also be taken away and in Fano there is also the Drive to collect directly from the car.

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