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Pizza with snails

The snail is a food that has all the potential to be considered a "super food". And in Cherasco it is a very serious thing. It is here that the disciplinary that regulates the farming method was born in order to obtain excellent quality meat

Don't call it a snail. TO Cherasco his name is "snail" and there is a reason, indeed more than one. Here there is no restaurant, from trattoria to starred, that does not offer this specialty on the menu that has made the fortune of village in the province of Cuneo, which became famous for being there "City of the Snail". Indeed, it is in Cherasco that theNational Association of Heliciculturists and theNational Institute of Heliciculture, for more than forty years a training and information center for breeders from all over Italy, and beyond. In September, the arrival of Simone Sampò the direction gave new life to the Institute. Thanks to his long experience in the sector he has, in fact, established a disciplinary in five points to distinguish the"full natural cycle" breeding from those where snails are fed with feed.

What does the "Cherasco Method Snail"

The difference between the "Snails" and the "Cherasco Method Snail" it is therefore not the variety – the Helix Aspersa it is not a native species but is widespread throughout the Mediterranean – as much as the farming method. The specification provides that snails are born and grow outdoors, completing their life cycle in a completely natural way and following the rhythm of the seasons. To feed them no feed, but only the vegetation that grows inside the fences (beets, cabbage, salad) or, at most, freshly added by the farmer, to stimulate the process of emigration from the breeding area to the fattening area. . Just the concepts of "Supplementary power supply" And "Natural migration" these are the two great innovations introduced by Sampò. What is obtained at the end of the cycle are healthy snails, from the Tender Meat, tasty but with a delicate flavor, able to tease even the most skeptical palates.

The snail is the protagonist in the kitchen

A quality that of the "Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco" which is conquering chefs and gourmands. Among these could not miss Francesco Oberto, one Michelin star thanks to his research between tradition and innovation that he is carrying out at the Da Francesco restaurant, overlooking the main street of Cherasco, a few steps from the Belvedere Arch. Among the stuccos and frescoes of the historic Burotti di Scagnello palace, today Fracassi, the reference to the ingredients that have made the history of this territory is strong, but not binding. L'daring of the chef it is perfectly grasped in the "Risotto, snails, black garlic, lemon zest". A dish that has become the symbol of his success, a thoughtful approach where "the nutty aftertaste of the snail" is combined with "the almost sweet taste that garlic takes on following the dehydration process". Oberto is not the only one to have seen in the "Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco" the potential of this mollusk, a food that has all the credentials to be considered a super food, as rich in protein, 13.4%, And low in fat, 1.2%.

A project to "get the snail out of its shell"

The one implemented by Simone Sampò can be defined as one small revolution in the field of heliciculture of which the gastronomic aspect is one of the points that make up its ambitious project. A project that embraces the nut supply chain, from breeding, to processing for food use with Italian Lumacheria, up to cosmetics, with the Sagapò line, based on snail slime extracted with a completely innovative method. The specification, which was presented at the beginning of April, also to theUniversity of Gastronomic Sciences di Pollenzo, is therefore only a first step "to get the snail out of its shell". The next will be the opening of a real one academy, also in Cherasco, which will host courses for breeders, educational workshops for children and even a Spa.

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