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The bread made with sea water arrives

It is low in salt and contains three times magnesium, four times more iodine, plus potassium, iron and calcium. Now it is also distributed in supermarkets

It is prepared without the addition of salt, yet it is really tasty, because this bread is done with sea ​​water. The marine bread, already proposed by some Neapolitan bakeries, now also arrives in the supermarkets of the chain Sole 365. To produce it we use themicrobiologically pure sea water of Steralmar, a company from Bisceglie, the only one in Italy to supply seawater for food use, thanks to a patented purification process.

And the result is a special bread hyposodic, which offers many health benefits over the common one. As explained by the Cnr – Institute of Food Sciences, which has studied the properties comparing them with those of an ordinary bread, «it has a significantly lower salt content, equal to1.1 percent on 100 grams of product compared to the control bread which is 1.6 percent (the national average is around 2-2.5 percent) ".

Less salt is better

The taste and biological properties of common salt, sodium chloride, are mainly related to sodium, an essential element for the body, but for which, unlike other nutrients, problems of deficiency are hardly present. One gram of salt corresponds to 0.4 grams of sodium. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends a daily salt consumption of less than 5 grams, equal to 2 grams of sodium. Because an excessive consumption of salt determines not only an increase in arterial pressure, with an increased risk of developing serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, but also a greater risk of contracting pathologies such as tumors of the digestive system, osteoporosis and chronic kidney disease. The Italians, however, are still far from the recommended values, according to data from the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health: the average daily consumption of an adult is about 11 grams for men and 9 for women.

Important minerals

Sea bread is also particularly rich in essential elements for health, mineral salts and antioxidants: it contains triple magnesium, quadruple iodine, plus potassium, iron and calcium. Sea water contains 92 elements of the Mendeleev table, that is almost all those existing in nature. Refined salt, on the other hand, is deprived of many important minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. The sea water also seems to facilitate leavening: this is another aspect that the CNR is investigating.

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