The best vegetables for weight loss to add to soups and broths – Italian Cuisine

They provide super nutrients that help you stay away from weight gain because they satiate and help the body function at its best. Here are which ones to choose and why

Soups and soups, included in a complete and balanced diet, are ideal dishes to increase the consumption of vegetables at the table and keep fit. "They provide nutrients that help counteract weight gain," explains the nutritionist Valentina Schirò, specialist in food sciences. "The soluble fibers they are rich in are capable, for example, of increasing satiety because they slow down the absorption of sugars and fats. Insoluble fibers on the other hand, in addition to keeping the intestine regular, favor the development of good bacterial flora which in turn stimulates the digestive processes ". But the advantages that vegetables have are also others. "Thanks to the presence of enzymes, water and minerals, they stimulate the purification of the whole organism and help eliminate excess toxins and waste substances", adds the expert, who explains here which are the best vegetables for weight loss to add to soups and broths.

Seasonal and colorful

Not all vegetables are the same. Those in season compared to those that are not have more advantages. "They are richer in antioxidants, which thanks to their anti-inflammatory action help maintain a healthy weight, preventing the risk of obesity". To get the most out of their benefits, the ideal is to enrich soups with vegetables of different colors. «White vegetables such as cabbage are rich in quercetin, a substance that fights cellulite. Lycopene, of which the red ones are excellent sources, stimulates blood circulation and consequently fights swelling. The blue-violet ones, on the other hand, are excellent allies to counteract the accumulation of fats in the arteries because they are rich in anthocyanins, while the green ones, especially with broad leaves, are rich in chlorophyll ".

The best vegetables for weight loss to add to soups and broths

The right combinations

Many allied vitamins of the line in which vegetables are rich are fat-soluble. Vitamin A and vitamin E, for example, are better absorbed by the body only when associated with a source of fat within the same meal. "The best way to assimilate them is to season soups and broths with extra virgin olive oil added raw. Ensures linoleic acid and other essential fats which on the one hand increase satiety and on the other keep metabolism active. They therefore help to eat less during the meal, burn more and stay fit, "says the expert.

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