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Giannasi? Too easy. Here is an X-ray of Milanese poultry farmers, from the historical ones to the best delivery service

The grilled chicken it's written in the DNA of us Italians, even if you don't do it at home. The grandmother did not prepare it, the ritual has always been to go and get it in the rotisserie, perhaps on Sunday, to put together the whole family. Spit-roasted chicken is the end of a morning at the market, a quick lunch when you don't feel like cooking, the race for those who grab one of the two thighs. It makes all food critics in search of the "crunchy part", because this is the only way the skin can be, shiny and perfectly balanced with meat, which must be juicy and tasty. It should, at least, because the quality of roast chicken is often disappointing.

Paolo Colaprietro, a Roman Doc and transplanted to Milan, is so convinced that by dint of looking in vain for the goodness of the grilled chicken of the capital, has decided to open its rotisserie. This is how Sciura Lella was born with two partners, a modern rotisserie with Roman cuisine. "I miss the chicken of places like Il Papero Giallo and Gallo Umbro, where the skin is more crunchy and the chicken is scented with rosemary. I was inspired by Roman poultry farms like these, where the rotisserie is the protagonist, to revive the Roman tradition here in Milan, but in a new guise. Our concept of modern rotisserie is to give the old Roman spartan poultry, like the places that can be found in Rome, a more elegant context. Our local avenue Col di Lana is more fussy, more Milanese, and our chickens are selected, raised on the ground ". The best according to you? "Here in Milan I highly value Santa Rita, a rotisserie with Sicilian fried food".

In the gallery, Santa Rita, Sciura Lella, and others – delivery included.

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