The best pizzerias of Gambero Rosso: Campania always queen – Italian Cuisine

The best pizzerias of Gambero Rosso: Campania always queen

Honor to the pizza chefs, in this difficult season: this is what the specialized guide who indicated the best of 650 addresses in Italy wanted to do. 93 winners, all on the same level, with the leading region of pizza threatened by Tuscany

The pizzerias live (and fight with us) in the most difficult season of the new century. If we want to go beyond the technical aspect, this is the message that comes from Gambero Rosso 2021 Guide to Italian Pizzerias which was presented in streaming. A different guide, of course, from the seven that preceded it: Gambero has chosen to indicate the best among the 650 addresses he mapped throughout Italy. It has them distinguished as always according to the degree of excellence – by marking them with one, two or three segments and wheels – thus putting aside, for once, the nuances of merit and therefore the numerical score. The reason? Recognize the difficulties that all pizza makers, together with the rest of the catering sector, have experienced in recent months, but also their skill, because they have been able to reinvent themselves in the face of an emergency, showing resourcefulness and team spirit.

From here, a guide that also this year tells how the world of pizza is evolving, and all the nuances of the Italian dish par excellence, dividing them by categories: Neapolitan, Italian (in regional variants), gourmet, by the slice. The winners are 93, with 13 new entries, but also many confirmations at the top starting from Francesco Martucci of I Masanielli di Caserta (who is also number one in the ranking for the best pizzas of 50 Top Pizza), also awarded as "master of the dough" like Simone Lombardi, patron of the small but beloved Crosta in Milan. But at the top there are also Franco Pepe, Gabriele Bonci, Enzo Coccia, Renato Bosco, Simone Padoan, Antonio Sorbillo, Ciro Salvo: all cult names for fans.
Campania remains at the top with 19 award-winning clubs, followed by Tuscany with 18, Lazio with 17, Veneto with 8; Piedmont with 7; Lombardy with 6; Sicily with 4; Abruzzo, Sardinia, and Emilia – Romagna with 3; Liguria, Basilicata, Marche, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Calabria with 1. Naples and Rome are certainly the capitals of good pizza, respectively with 9 and 12 reports at the top. In the gallery the places that have received special recognition from the guide.

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