The best cheesecake for Mother's Day – Italian Cuisine

Tropical Cheesecake Recipe - Italian Cuisine

Delicate, colorful and fragrant. We have prepared a perfect cheesecake for Mother's Day which is a real gift to the spoon

May 12 is Mother's Day and we are all looking for something that will make her happy. But deciding is difficult: what gift can we entrust our message of love to?
Perfumes, clothes and jewelry are best suited for occasions like Christmas and birthday. Here you need something simple, but at the same time exciting. A gift that does not tell our mother that we spent too much for her, but at the same time know how to pamper her and gratify her. And come to think of it, What could be better than a dessert prepared by us for you? From our number of May on newsstands, here is the perfect recipe. A tropical cheesecake where different textures, acidulous notes and sweet accents find space. But also the flowers. Those edible, certainly, that will invite you to dare a small revolution. No bouquet to put in the vase, but a gift to taste, to taste slowly and why not, to copy.
After so many years of phone calls asking you for advice on this and that recipe, here is a dish that will know how to amaze you. We bet that you will be asking for the recipe?

Tricks to turn it into a real gift

If a cake doesn't seem enough to you, it's because you're not looking at it from the right perspective. In fact, a cake can be a very precious gift, but it needs to be presented with a little attention. A nice idea, for example, could be to accompany her to a delicate and exciting greeting card. How about an old photo of you and mom? You will write behind a small dedication, turning it into your favorite bookmark. To turn it into a complete gift, you could bring her the cheesecake in a nice backsplash, specially chosen for her. Beautiful also the idea of ​​accompanying her to a set of dessert plates and forks, perhaps matching the cheesecake sauce.

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