the baked pokè that broke through in quarantine – Italian Cuisine

Rice, fish or similar and the oven. Nothing else is needed to try a new recipe that from Hawaii has conquered the Filippe and then the States. Here, looking at it, it already existed …

If it were called "baked rice and fish pie" it would have a decidedly boring flavor, but in America it is popular on the web with the name of Sushi Bake: and so the matter becomes more interesting. Especially if its origin is Hawaiian and we can call it a baked pokè.

According to the magazine "Vice" the trend started in the Philippines and it seems that it is in fact very popular there because it is simple to do and more or less customizable as you like: White rice al dente, seasoned with a little vinegar and soy, salmon, crabmeat or shrimp, sheets of nori seaweed (those in which Japanese maki are rolled up) and a sprinkling of sesame. And then to make the crust, un mix of mayonnaise, surimi and fish eggs.

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It is considered a recipe for the whole family, but has become a very popular food during the quarantine: comforting, fast and healthy. Just in the Philippines a restaurant with the delivery of this recipe made the record; in Japan they call it curry rice and it is cooked with cheese, onion, chicken, carrots and curry. It can be done with smoked salmon and rocket, very eighties, with rice with pesto and fresh salmon, with bechamel and tomato slices to give color, add lots of leafy vegetables in addition to seaweed for a healthier result or try the version of this youtuber. In Italy for now you can at most try cooking at home, but the inspirations on Instagram are endless, just follow the hashtag #bakedsushi

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