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From the Chinese to the Korean to the South Tyrolean, all the ravioli in the world can be tasted at Eataly Smeraldo from February 15th to 17th

The ravioli? It is not just an Italian tradition! There are the Chinese ravioli, the Korean ones, the Indian ones and so on and so forth! If you have already tasted some stuffed pasta specialties from the world (and you liked it) or if you want to discover new ones, the appointment is from 15 to 17 February from Eataly Smeraldo in Milan with the "Ravioli dal mondo" festival.

What (and when you eat)

Friday the event will be held from 18.30 to 23, Saturday from 12 to 23, Sunday from 12 to 22.30. What can be tasted? What inspires you most among many proposals: i Korean ravioli of Korean Gam Bistrot (like steamed Mandu Guk stuffed with mixed vegetables with anchovy broth), Chinese ravioli of Ravioleria Sarpi (like the Shuijiao of organic flour 0 to turmeric stuffed with Piedmontese beef from biodynamic breeding, white turnip, ginger and leek), the Indian samosa Taj Mahal (such as chicken and potatoes accompanied by traditional Indian chutneys, served with rose tea), and uzbeki ravioli of Uzbek (like the Manti stuffed with meat, onion, cumin and coriander tip).

Chinese ravioli: how to make them at home

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Other ravioli from the world

Do you still want it? It goes from Argentine empanadas of Empanà, with beef or chicken or spinach and mozzarella, ai ravioli fusion of Ghe Sem which proposes, for example, the dim sum "il milanese" (with ossobuco, saffron and zest of lime in collaboration with La Pesa Trattoria 1902). There will also be the i ravioli from Alto Adige of Delicatessen like the ravioli of Kamut stuffed with roe deer ragout and melted hazelnut butter and restricted to mulled wine or gourmet ravioli of Zibo traveling cooks, from "La carbonara in a raviolo" to sausage ravioli, radicchio and red wine on taleggio fondue.

ravioli festival from the eataly world
The ravioli of Zibo.

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