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Apple pie is a must in Italian cuisine, there are so many recipes, more or less demanding to make, but all with a safe result! It can have a pastry base or be soft and fluffy, or, again, enclosed in a puff pastry nest, like the classic Tarte Tatin. However, it is a perfect cake for every moment of the day: it is fantastic in the morning in the milk and coffee brewing, after lunch it is that touch of sweet that soothes, and cannot be missing with five o'clock tea. To prepare it in the simplest version it takes only 20 minutes more cooking in the oven and very few ingredients. Seeing is believing!

Rustic version

As we have said, apple pie knows many versions, from the simplest to the most elaborate, for a less obvious result. If you like experimenting, opt, for example, for an unrefined, wholemeal or semi-integral flour, or even for a spelled flour, if not to be used in its entirety, to be mixed with 00. You will get a result with a rougher texture, but more consistent. You can then indulge yourself with spices, which will give a very special scent to the dough: you can choose between cinnamon, anise or nutmeg. In addition to apples combined with the mixture of dried fruit: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, will enrich your cake taste, so you can not do without it!

And now the apple pie recipe. For 8 people


300 g 00 flour, 1 packet of yeast, 700 g peeled apples, 3 eggs, a pinch of cinnamon powder, 250 g sugar, 80 g butter, 1 glass of milk, the juice of a lemon, icing sugar to cover, 100 g of chopped walnuts.


First, slice the apples and leave them to soak in lemon juice to prevent them from turning black. Separately prepare the dough by mixing 3 egg yolks with the sugar. In another container whisk the egg whites until stiff. Add the butter to the egg yolks, left at room temperature to soften, the glass of milk and mix well with a wooden spoon. Add to the yolks a tablespoon of flour joined to the yeast at a time, continuing to stir to avoid lumps. If there were any, help yourself with a whip, they will melt immediately. Once the mixture is soft and homogeneous, gently add the whites, stirring from the bottom upwards, so that they do not come apart. Add a sprinkling of cinnamon powder that will give your cake an unmistakable scent and then drain the apple slices from the lemon juice and add them to the dough, leaving a handful to decorate the cake. Take a hinged mold, butter it and sprinkle it with a handful of flour so that the cake does not stick to the base and then pour all the mixture, leveling well with a spatula. Arrange the apple slices that you have left in a circle, sprinkle the surface with the chopped walnuts and bake at 180 ° for about 40 minutes.

In the Tutorial some suggestions for a perfect result

How to make apple pie in 20 minutes.

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