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The 15 best recipes with cherries

Red and tasty, le cherries they are the fruit that opens the summer, for many they are a real temptation, so much so that a well-known proverb says that "one pulls the other", thus indicating the traditional way of consuming them. In addition to being very good natural, these cute fleshy red fruits, due to their characteristic sour and sweet taste, are used in the preparation of many desserts sweet tooth, from the traditional Cherry Clafoutis to the greedy cherry and chocolate cake, at tarts and not only. Cherries can also be used in different ways, for example for the preparation of jams, Syrups, juices, candied fruit, ice cream and sorbets, spirit is savory recipes.

You must know, though, that cherries they are not all the same, there are so many varieties that differ in taste and color. They can be white, red, blackish or striped, with hard or soft pulp but they are all rich in taste and health properties: they are equipped with vitamins A, B and C, mineral salts and precious trace elements (zinc, potassium, copper, manganese , cobalt). They contain levulose, a sugar also suitable for those who are overweight and diabetic. Furthermore, the fact that they are practically free of fats and proteins makes them ideal for a healthy and low-calorie snack, alone 38 calories per 100 grams! They are a fruit known for its purifying and detoxifying properties, and, besides being diuretic, they are also a valid ally of beauty: the more red they are, the more they contain antioxidant substances, mainly anthocyanins.

The season of cherries it is not long, therefore, if this year you do not want to miss the opportunity to prepare jam and many sweet desserts with cherries you have time from the end of May to the day of San di San Giovanni, on June 24th: after this date, with the sultry heat and excessive ripeness, they can easily accommodate small white worms, called "Giovannini".

The cherries they are all good to eat naturally but if you want to make amazing desserts, choose "mature" ripe ones because unlike other fruits, they do not ripen after harvest. Buy turgid, without bruises and with a bright green petiole. The tender cherries they are sweet and juicy, perfect with desserts of all kinds. Instead, if you want to prepare a tasty jam, choose the duracine with a more acid taste and a bright red color, they have a consistency and taste closer to sour cherries as well as the marasche and the sour. If you want to keep them instead cherries underneath spirit, do not hesitate: the quality of cherries called calluses it's the perfect one!

The season of cherries has it already started? Then don't waste any more time, it's time to prepare many fresh and genuine desserts for spring or summer! In this session, Salt and pepper has selected for you: 15 dessert recipes with cherries. They are irresistible, easy to make at home and ideal for every occasion from breakfast to snack or for a dessert at the end of a meal. Try them now!

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