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It is good in the midst of two slices of bread, simple or enriched with the most varied ingredients, it is tantalizing and appetizing, it is a jolly dish perfect as an appetizer or as a second saves dinner, to do in a short time and with only the ingredients you have to available in the refrigerator or in the cupboard of your kitchen: we are talking about the omelette! A great classic of Italian cuisine, quick to prepare and perfect on all occasions!

There omelette is a simple dish based on beaten eggs that you can make unique and unforgettable, sparking your imagination! The most classic and simple way to make a tasty omelette is to add to the beaten eggs, a handful of grated cheese and then cook the mixture obtained in the pan with extra virgin olive oil, pouring it only after warming the oil well. The omelette is cooked on both sides, turning it without breaking it! If you are not practical in the kitchen or want to prepare one light omelette, you can cook it in the oven or in the oven to bath Mary,how did he do Salt and pepper for the board of omelettes

Just add the ingredients you like best to the beaten eggs: cheese, ham, sausage, pasta or rice, raw or cooked vegetables, milk, mushrooms, spices or aromatic herbs; to create a variation of the classic recipe: the omelette you like best!

The other way to prepare the omelette is to pour the beaten eggs on the other ingredients directly into the pan on the stove: the Tortilla Of Potatoes of Spanish origin it is a tasty example!

To do one omelette perfect, you don't need great skills in the kitchen, you just need to follow the advice of Salt and pepper clicking here! If you are looking for an unusual or gourmet recipe, then read these Salt & Pepper recipes, a selection of 10 tasty omelettes which we have selected for you in this top ten. Find out immediately with Salt and pepper, how simple it is to prepare one omelette amazing!

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