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The 10 best easy and quick recipes

Eating and knowing prepare a tasty dish without losing too much in the kitchen, is the dream of all those who return home tired after a day of work or those who take care of preparing lunch or dinner for their family or a lunch for unexpected friends every day. But having little time does not mean giving up the pleasure of cooking or enjoying delicious and original dishes! Organizing in time and choosing the right recipe that can give you the maximum satisfaction is the solution to bring always different and appetizing dishes to the table!

If you don't know what to prepare for lunch or dinner in a short time, don't panic! There are so many quick and easy recipes to realize, of Italian and non-Italian tradition, which can even help you prepare an entire menu from appetizers to desserts in just a few minutes, even without turning on the stove! Click here: The best Salt & Pepper recipes to prepare 10 desserts without oven!

Just think how quick it is to prepare one pasta carbonara or that cheese and pepper or the classic and much loved recipe of pasta garlic, oil and hot pepper or that with tuna! Quick first courses but delicious! But not only that, if your favorite dishes are the fast and tasty second courses of meat, le recipes with chicken breast of Salt and pepper or the many recipes to prepare delicious dishes scallops ready in less than 30 minutes, these are the ones for you!

The quick and easy recipes they are no less good than a recipe for making one thetraditional asagna or a roast with potatoes, are only practical, simple, ready in a few minutes, made with ingredients, possibly of quality, easily available or already in your cupboard. It's jolly recipes of Salt and pepper to be exploited at the moment and for the right occasion, able to tickle your imagination and the palate of your guests, leaving the memory of a lunch or a dinner; a feeling of well-being and contentment

To be fast in the kitchen, it is essential to be well organized! And, if you have them at hand quick and easy Sale & Pepper recipes, everything will be easier for you! An advice? Make sure that your kitchen does not lack the utensils, pots and appliances necessary to speed up the steps of the recipe you have chosen. Organize the work plan by placing tools and all the ingredients needed to make your recipe on top of hand. This will save you from wasting time going back and forth between the refrigerator, the pantry, the stove or the drawers to find the right spoon or pot!

If you are looking for ideas and quick and easy recipes but also originals, read this top ten of Salt & Pepper recipes: 10 best quick and easy recipes waiting to be tried by you in less than 30 minutes, including dessert! Try them all: success is guaranteed!

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