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The 10 best cold pasta recipes

Nothing better than one cold pasta to face the heat and eat with taste! Cold pasta is apasta salad easy and quick to make; it is a perfect dish for the summer, fresh and full of flavor but also light, which lends itself to countless variations to bring to the table during a dinner with friends or a lunch with friends. Discover with Salt and pepper The best cold pasta recipes in this top ten! Many simple and tasty ideas to create a timeless classic of traditional Italian cuisine!

For prepare cold pasta you can use the classic semolina pasta but also the whole wheat pasta or the gluten-free pasta for those who follow a diet for celiacs. The most used pasta shapes, are half penne, fusilli, cellentani, wheels, paccari, tortiglioni, cavatelli, torchietti, or all the shapes of short pasta that keep cooking well and absorb the seasoning well. It should be boiled in salted boiling water then drained strictly al dente and passed under cold water for stop cooking and eliminate excess starch that would make it sticky, but here there are some cooks who don't share, others instead, stretch it out on a cloth to drain, before dressing it

An idea to flavor your cold pasta? The most classic condiment, suitable for everyone, including vegans, made with fresh tomato and basil it is one of the most loved but, if you like discovering new flavors, you can dress yours cold pasta with the ingredients you like best or try even the most risky pairings! Eggs, fresh or seasoned cheeses, legumes, fish or meat, are a source of proteins that together with seasonal vegetables make yours pasta salad perfect to be consumed like single dish, to take on a trip to the beach or in the mountains or in the office for your lunch break. A suggestion is to prepare the sauce in advance, not only because it is flavored but also to season pasta immediately and not leave it too much in the bowl

At this point you just have to decorate your cold pasta, for example with a few slices of hard-boiled eggs, and refrigerate it for up to an hour before tasting it. This allows you to prepare it well in advance!

Looking for gourmet ideas to prepare a cold pasta simple but of great visual effect or an unusual combination with summer fruit or one cold pasta with sea flavor? Discover the recipes of this top ten of Sale & Pepe!10 best recipes for cooking cold pasta who will conquer your palate and that of your guests!

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