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Ferrero, Nutella Biscuits arrive (with a big event in Milan)

The pace of supply of supermarkets is not enough to meet the demand of the buyers: in three weeks 57 million biscuits were sold

It is a tender for those who manage to grab the last Nutella Biscuits package from the shelves of the stores: the new entry of the Ferrero group has become almost impossible to find. In the three weeks since its launch they have been sold 57 million cookies: if Italy has about 60 million inhabitants, it means almost one each. In the first week, according to the data of the survey company Iri, the packs sold in Italy were 27 thousand, in the second more than a million and in the third (the last of which the data are available) a million and a half: 2.6 millions of packs each containing 22 cookies and sold on average at 3 euros each (2.99 euros is the price recommended by the company, even if someone, these days, is trying to sell them on Amazon for 12 euros !).

The time it takes to sell Nutella Biscuits and replace them on the shelves (the rotation speed of the packages) is of 2.2 times higher to that of the other Ferrero products, as confirmed by the Iri survey.

The most loyal buyers, so far, are those who live in Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy and Valle d'Aosta: it is the territory closest to the company of Alba, in the province of Cuneo, and also the richest in the country. 37% of the product is sold in the Northwest, in the Northeast 16.6% and in the Center and the South a little more than 20%. In general, Nutella Biscuits took just three weeks to gain 16% of their market category.

Buyers' request exceeds the availability of Nutella Biscuits in the stores: the rhythm of supply of the supermarkets is not enough to answer the question. "If I look at the last five years this is certainly it the most important launch of a new product, Confirms Angelo Massaro, IRI's managing director. «In the sense that it is the one that has had the most success in the first days of sales. And this suggests that the repurchases after the first will be numerous .

The Ferrero group, before the launch, had set a turnover target of 80 million. But in three weeks it has already reached 8 million and, if sales continue at this rate, the turnover could surpass i 130 million.

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