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Alex and Vittorio Manzoni in the kitchen and Giovanna Danzo in the room. It is the Osteria degli Assonica in Sorisole, in the province of Bergamo

What does Assonica mean? Nobody has managed to answer this question. But now that the Manzoni brothers have opened their dream to us in the drawer there is an answer: theOsteria degli Assonica, which the two took over and inaugurated less than a week ago in Sorisole, is already a unique place, where home air and haute cuisine come together in a unique atmosphere. But in reality it is not surprising that much: with Alex and Vittorio Manzoni in the kitchen and Giovanna Danzo in the room she could not go otherwise.

Who is Alex Manzoni

Alex Manzoni is not just any chef, who knows him knows. Despite the great goals achieved, he never abandoned his real humility, not at all built; he remained reserved and silent in a world, the food and wine one, which today screams and flaunts, as if there were no alternatives to the performance. Instead, he expresses everything in his dishes with colors is consistencies, with continuous games between acid is bitter that refer with respect, without ever prevaricating. And then there is little to add, because Alex's dishes are perfect, both in form and aesthetics, as in flavor and substance: from artichoke with almonds, mint and truffle, alla yellowtail in tomato oil, pumpkin and clam sauce, until its fond barbecued eel with Gorizia rose and duck sauce, exemplary and umpteenth confirmation of an undisputed ability. On the other hand Alex has worked with Massimo Bottura, Alessandro Dal Degan, until the last experience in one of the signed stars Bartolini, the Casual of Bergamo. Of this experience he decides, for extreme and rare correctness, not to bring any dish, if not only at the request of the most fond of nostalgics, a taste of his cauliflower foam, almond and anchovy or hers oyster risotto, anise and herring eggs, a unique experience (also because he knows a lot about risotto). In short, with a low look and a straight back, Alex has never lost sight of his goals, indeed his goal: to open a family tavern with his brother Vittorio.

Who is Vittorio Manzoni

Vittorio Manzoni is the older brother of seven years. While Alex moved from one kitchen to another, Vittorio specialized in meat with great experts such as Sergio Motta and Luca Brasi, with whom he spent a long period in the Braseria of Osio. This experience is evident in dishes such as tartare or braised beef tail with cauliflower, but also in its case it is not a question of meat or fish: perfection also reaches it with lukewarm spaghetti with prawns, pistachio and basil, which he has experienced countless times. But even on this we had no doubts, because the hallmark of the Manzoni is not so much beard and red hair, it would be easy; as the brand that is in their dishes at the Osteria degli Assonica, all the result of long and in-depth studies, as well as a great apprenticeship. Another note very present in the kitchen is the influence of Vittorio's last trip in Japan, where he went on honeymoon with Giovanna Danzo.

Who is Giovanna Danzo

Giovanna Danzo is not just anyone, you will notice it immediately. First of all, it contains perfection in the dining room, with the right amount of attention, competence and sympathy: it is impossible not to immediately get in tune with her. Secondly it has Venetian origins, which leads her to have a visceral passion for the world of wine, both of her land and not. This is why we find one of the best labels on paper Amarone, like Count Gastone of the Massimago winery; but also other rare and sought after bottles, by some Pinot Blanc from Trentino, to Malvasie macerate from Friuli, up to the French universe. All the result of many experiences in important restaurants, including those with both brothers, first at Casual in Bergamo and then at Braseria in Osio, which led her to have extensive knowledge on the matter. Last but not least, in his kingdom which is the hall there is always a combination Mina singing. With her Nicole Radaelliwho, with a family like this, immediately married the cause: the cause of the Assonics.

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