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Ten places to discover the Iseo greedy

A suggestive lake, still little known, but with a tradition of good food, starting with fish. Here's where to taste traditional dishes, often just a few meters from the water.

Small but beautiful. With rocks that for a large part of the surface plunge into the water and the largest lake island in Europe. Lake Iseo is certainly worth discovering, especially out of season (so September and October are ideal months). It has fewer villas, fewer hotels, fewer "distractions" than the other three Lombard basins (the Maggiore, Lake Como and Garda) but this is also an advantage: in some towns, it seems that time has stopped. A little is also the catering if compared with the Garda "battleship" – with its eight Michelin Stars – and with a Lario in good recovery. On Iseo you eat well, without style exercises or fake bars: cooking in respect of tradition, with great attention to fish of course.

Not just fish

The waters of the Sebino are home to as many as 23 edible species, but there are four fish protagonists: the refined perch (phenomenal fried with butter and sage), the tench, which has the capital in Clusane, where it is prepared stuffed in the oven according to an ancient recipe, the whitefish that unfortunately this year is fished to a smaller extent than the other years, the lake sardine, or the agone, consumed both fresh and dried. In this second version it has become Slow Food Presidium such as Traditional dried sardine from Lake Iseo, prepared by exposing the fish impaled on metal cages to the sun. Other products that express the territory are the Salami of Montisola, very thin and tasty, and theextra virgin derived from crops on the shores and on the island, where there are 17 thousand olive trees on 12 square kilometers that boast the DOP Lakes Lombardi-Sebino.
And now the locals on the lake where it is easy to enjoy what is listed.

Trattoria Glisenti – Vello

From the terrace, the view is among the best on the Brescia side. Ideal scenario to enjoy a cuisine that has an important component in lake fish, but does not neglect the brescianità of land and also has a section of vegan dishes. 150 labels in the cellar.

Cantina del Torchio – Sale Marasino

A special place. Born as an oil press in the fourteenth century, adapted to produce wine in the nineteenth century and now used as a place open only on weekends or on special days. The menu draws on the Brescia tradition, but does not neglect the rest.

Locanda al Lago – Montisola

The restaurant of Iseo's most famous fishing family – the Soardi – has been active for four generations. Obviously their catch is king on the table with dishes such as sardine millefeuille, pennette with lake flavors, sardines and chub with polenta.

Isola dei Sapori – Montisola

A place of taste, much loved by the locals and those who frequent the island: you can buy or taste all the specialties on the spot, starting from the local salamis and Valcamonica cheeses, accompanied by delicious jams. Good Franciacorta DOCG and craft beers.

La Foresta – Montisola

In the hamlet of Peschiera Maraglio, a family run restaurant. A lot of fish, with the best represented by the appetizers: smoked cavedano, pike and trout in sauce, aoline and marinated eel, marinated perch, dried sardines with polenta.

The Osteria del Vicoletto – Iseo

In the summer it is a privilege to eat in the few tables in front of the restaurant, in the center of the town. The menu is eclectic, with good attention to fish from the lake, but also dishes with seafood. The most popular dish is risotto cooked in the form of Parmesan.

Cascina Doss – Iseo

The place lends itself well to private events, but the menu makes the gourmet in a good mood, with a tasting of sea and land. The kitchen uses many local products, often in non-traditional recipes. Excellent wine cellar.

Trattoria Al Porto – Clusane

Since 1862, the Bosio family has cultivated the pleasure of hospitality in this charming restaurant. In the menu some deviation from Iseo fish, but the strong dishes remain the lake appetizer, the steamed lake salad, the fresh pasta with sardines and perch, the baked tench.

Punta da Dino-Clusane

A certainty of the Italian catering industry. For the past thirty years, in a well-kept environment, you can taste the baked tench – for many, the absolute best on the lake – but the mixed lake appetizer and the fresh pasta tagliolini with fish sauce are also in great demand.

Trattoria del Muliner – Clusane

For the culinary guides it is the Iseo room n.1. In 2005, after the first 40 years of activity, it changed pace in the environment and in the menu. The paper focuses strongly on lake fish, with simple but precise preparations, even with some innovation. Winery that invites you to drink well.

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