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The coolest ceviche to prepare at home. Here is his secret

One of the most popular dishes, unveiled in one of the most fashionable places in Milan. We met Fabiano Molina Gonçalves, the Culinary Director of TEMAKINHO in Milan, to discover the recipe and curiosities about ceviche, dish of origin Peruvian based on marinated raw fish.

A prescription infallible, easily replicable at home: you can do it with the fish you prefer and, above all, without turning on the stove. The cooking of the fish takes place in fact through the technique of marinating, which allows you to cook foods with lemon juice (or other citrus) and aromatic spices.

Temakinho Magenta
Temakinho Magenta (Via Boccaccio 4)

So let's see how to prepare Temakinho ceviche mixto and what are the rules essential for the chef.

The Temakihno mixed fish ceviche recipe


2 Red crayfish (washed, shelled and without heads)
120 g Raw salmon
80 g Raw red shadow
40 g Cooked octopus
40 g Green and red sweet chilli pepper
Red onion
2 tablespoons of fresh ginger juice

Ceviche sauce for marinating

40 ml Lime juice (or lemon)
Extra virgin olive oil
Fine salt
black pepper


Mango slices with peel cut into a fan shape for garnish


Dice the fish. Cut the chilli and onion into very thin slices. In a bowl, place the salmon, the umbrina, the octopus along with all the vegetables and half the Ceviche sauce. Stir and leave to marinate for a few minutes and then pour into two bowls, placing a shrimp per serving. Pour the other half of the ceviche sauce and garnish with the fan-cut mango.

Fabiano Molina Gonçalves
Fabiano Molina Gonçalves

The chef's advice

Fabiano welcomed us welcomed with great availability, telling us about his secrets to prepare an excellent ceviche.

1. Fish

Of course always used fish already torn down. Prefer the white fish, which contains less fat, and cut it to cubes not too small, so as to savor it with satisfaction.

2. Marinating

Temakinho marinating is one Vinaigrette, which is usually used in Italy to dress salads. With this sauce the ceviche will taste more Mediterranean. If you don't like coriander, try replacing it with the mint. Don't forget the chilli!

3. Crunchiness

In ceviche it is essential to have too a crunchy element. Traditionally this dish is served with mais cancha, or corn toasted. Strictly served separately and not directly in the ceviche, otherwise it would risk absorbing too much sauce and losing all the crunchiness.

In South America it is also used plane tree, or the green banana, with a less sweet taste than the yellow one. The plane tree must be cut into very thin slices, fried in hot oil for 3 minutes and served with a pinch of salt.

Fried plantain
Fried plantain

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