Tell me where you go and I'll tell you what beer to drink – Italian Cuisine

Tell me where you go and I'll tell you what beer to drink

That Italians love beer is not a mystery. On tap, in the bottle, craft … everyone's favorite. Even the classic light medium to order and drink without thought. But AssoBirra, who knows us well, advises us to choose it carefully and has identified the perfect beers for each destination. Why not take advantage of the free time of summer to drink with curiosity?

At the sea: LAGER – what we call clear

The most widespread, consumed, required. We drink it without thinking too much about it, usually on tap and it is clear, fresh, of average alcohol content, delicate in aromas and taste. Let's order it on the beach, maybe accompanying it to a simple and tasty aperitif.

In the mountains: ABBEY – from Belgium, with love

What on the beach might seem excessive is perfect for the mountain. Here is a full-bodied beer with rich chromatic nuances, a strong alcohol content and a color that varies from gold to amber to dark brown. It is so called because traditionally abbeys rose close to the water springs, a fundamental ingredient for the production of beer, and even today, in some cases, it remains a link with the monasteries.

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