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The typical scents of winter become a delicious infusion for the holidays: here are many ideas for delicious teas and Christmas teas (also detox)

The tree is also full of the latest decorations, those bought last minute because those last year no longer convinced us – and a bit 'are broken – those exchanged with friends at the Secret Santa, those unearthed at the market of Christmas. The last presents are still missing, but for those we have now made peace with the fact that as every year we will reduce if not 24, December 23. The snow is missing, but everything else is there. Family, candles, cookies, panettone (or pandoro?).

There is above all that atmosphere that is impossible to replicate at other times of the year, to be breathed deeply in front of a more or less romantic film, under a warm blanket, and with a Cup of tea hot in hand from which all the winter spices are made, all the scents of Christmas.

Types of tea

The first thing to know when we get closer to choosing a tea is that all the teas proper (white, green, oolong and black) derive from the same plant and that the aromatic difference derives rather from the treatment (withering, oxidation, fermentation and drying) that the leaves receive after harvesting. The addition of flowers, fruit, spices and essential oils then, leads to further diversify flavors and aromas. Red tea, better known as Rooibos, is not exactly a tea but it is prepared with the same treatment and grows exclusively on the plateaus of South Africa, where it is considered a national drink.

Tea and herbal teas: what is the difference?

The teas are mixtures of fruit, herbs and spices, generally of exotic origin, which combine with gluttony (this is where we can find, for example, chocolate) and flavor, a component of phytotherapeutic well-being. The only limit in this case is the taste, combined with the imagination: herbal teas in fact in herbal medicine (or at home, if you prefer do-it-yourself) can be prepared letting yourself be inspired by personal taste and the sought after benefit.

Tea and Christmas teas, which to choose

We have said it and perhaps it is one of the few truths on which we can all tend to agree. At Christmas we want to relax, have fun, rest, feel good. And it is in the name of this that we will choose from which infusion to let us warm up. Hibiscus, currant, cinnamon, licorice and cardamom will keep us company until Christmas morning, for all the evenings that separate us from the awakening of 25, for all books to be held with one hand because the other holds the hot cup, for all movies and cartoons that we will manage to look, making us dream with their aromas a wonderful and snowy Nordic Christmas. On Christmas morning, before a lunch that will surely be important, the best choice could be that of a healthy green tea flavored with bergamot, allOrange or to cinnamon. Or, if you prefer oriental flavors to Nordic notes, you can choose to add the mint or the rosein bud maybe, because even the eye wants its part. And even this year it is already time of the detox, in which these drinks are perfect allies. If you prefer a tea, opt for a fragrant green base with lemon and lemongrass, dandelion or pineapple. If instead you want to opt for a herbal tea, they will be perfect fennel, the lemon and lo ginger. All strictly biological.

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