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Tart with amaretti biscuits with custard

An unusual combination for a tart with a delicate and elegant flavor, perfect for a fine meal and to be served with a passito from Pantelleria such as Ben Ryé

Do you want an idea for an unusual tart that gives you great satisfaction, made with simple ingredients and above all quick to make? Then the recipe of the custard tart with a base of amaretti it's what's right for you. Even for those who do not like the taste of amaretti: in this mix with custard you create, in fact, a delicate and harmonious combination.

We prepare the cream

For the custard you will have to assemble 5 egg yolks with three spoonfuls of brown sugar. United a spoonful of flour. Once the mixture is foamy, add 500 ml of fresh cream and mix well to prevent lumps from forming. Then join a pod of vanilla and transfer everything into a saucepan. Heat the cream, without it taking a boil, continuing to mix. Once it has thickened, remove from heat, remove the vanilla pod and set aside.

And shortcrust pastry

In a mixing bowl 300 g of 00 flour, 110 g of sugar, the grated rind of an untreated lemon, a pinch of salt and 150 g of butter done in little pieces. Start to knead with your fingertips until you get a crumble-looking compound. At this point, join an egg and a yolk and finish kneading quickly. Wrap the dough loaf in a sheet of foil and leave rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Once this time has passed, spread the pastry on a floured pastry board with the help of a rolling pin. Transfer it to a greased and floured pan.

How to compose the tart

Crumble on the base of the dough 12 small macaroons and spread them so that the whole surface is covered. Pour over the custard and bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Before churning out your custard tart and amaretti, try the toothpick, which will have to come out of the cake completely dry. Serve the dessert accompanied by a passito of Pantelleria like Ben Ryé.

In the tutorial some tips for a pie at the top!

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