Sweet Recipe «Prince of Piedmont – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Sweet Recipe «Prince of Piedmont»

Would you like to make one fairytale cake? Take inspiration from the sweet «Principe di Piemonte. Here is his story.

In January 1930 the crown prince Umberto of Savoytwenty-five years old, takes the princess as his wife Maria José of Belgium, of twenty-three. The newspapers write that “two great beauties unite for the glory of Italy”.

The Italian kitchen has as a collaborator Amedeo PettiniThe chef (today we would say the chef) of the king, which he talks about extensively in the pages of the magazine il wedding banquet held at the Quirinale. In July, as a tribute to the noble consorts, the magazine publishes a dessert based on delicious custard between layers of crumbly pastry.

The “soaked biscuits” mentioned in the original recipe (and which we have omitted in the re-edition alongside) are obviously ladyfingers, created by the ancestors of Prince Umberto. Among the ingredients there are historic liqueursstarting from the Campari, up to the golden Strega.

Since Prince of Piedmont is the title of the heir to the throne, the recipe will refer to him in the name, but there will be some details to honor the foreign princess, like a tea rose And two ribbons which reproduce the Italian and Belgian tricolours.

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