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Stuffed peppers: 8 simple recipes

THE stuffed peppers they are a versatile and transformist preparation that never tires you and puts everyone in agreement at the table all, the north with the south, the big ones with the small and irreducible meat with vegetarians, and with the right tricks, the stuffed peppers even those who struggle with weight are perfect!

THE stuffed peppers, depending on the filling we choose, they are not just an appetizer, a second course or a tasty side dish but also a fresh and tasty single dish, perfect for the summer! The red, yellow or green peroni, sweet and succulent, are perfect containers to accommodate appetizing fillings of all kinds: of meat of fish you hate vegetables. Just unleash your imagination to make them irresistible! For the stuffed peppers there is not a single and unique recipe but, many variations to prepare throughout the year! Peppers, despite being a summer vegetable, can be found easily on market stalls even during the coldest season. But, which peppers to choose to be stuffed?

Perhaps not everyone knows that the red ones are distinguished by a thick and crunchy pulp, the green ones have a more herbaceous flavor, while the yellows are preferred because they are more tender and juicy. But all the varieties are perfect for preparing so many recipes with peppers, excellent for their taste and appreciated for their pore beneficial properties: eating pepperoni helps reduce cholesterol levels, supports the liver, helps against constipation, is a natural diuretic and an excellent antioxidant useful for fighting the aging of our body. It is also true, however, that many people find it difficult to digest peppers and renounce this delicious and healthy vegetable, but they do not know that it is enough to choose the right peppers for each dish!

The peppers belong to the family of solanaceae and like tomatoes, potatoes and aubergines, they have a substance called solanine which is toxic in high doses. But don't worry! In the kitchen there is the remedy to eat peppers without digestion problems! It is enough for example to know that: the green peppers contain a lot of solanine while those that reach the red or yellow color of maturation (especially in summer) contain much less; the internal filaments and the seeds must be removed because they are not digestible like the skin of the pepper, because it is mainly made of fiber and our body cannot process it and digest it; the stuffed peppers they are also perfect for those who do not digest them well: you can use peppers as a container to serve delicious dishes rice salads or pasta salads , the cous cous or meat balls and eat the only filling flavored with the fresh and aromatic flavor of the peppers; or you can prepare i baked stuffed peppers to taste only the delicious pulp with the filling, easily discarding the peel of the pepper that will remain on the plate

If you want to prepare i stuffed peppers, choose peppers that are not too big or too pointed, so that they can stand "on their own", like baskets on the plate or in the pan. If this is not possible, don't worry: all you have to do is cut them long and make them into pretty little boats!

What are you waiting for? stuffed peppers? If you are looking for ideas or want to prepare stuffed peppers delicious that will give you compliments from your family and friends, read this top ten of Sale & Pepe! You will find stuffed pepper recipes easy and traditional but also unusual but equally tremendous, chosen just for you, to amaze your guests! Try them all!

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