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Stuff and roll: 10 rolls with zucchini

Tantalizing and greedy, rolls with zucchini are always a very welcome second on summer tables, whether the vegetables are the wrapping or the content

The warm evenings of this period invite you to bring to the table light and fresh dishes, which can also be served at room temperature. A good idea is the rolls, real passepartout, which can be prepared in infinite variations and are a bit like the best way to not throw anything away. In particular the rolls with zucchini they are always a very inviting second course, whether the vegetables are the wrapping or the content.

There is not a single courgette …

For the preparation of these dishes you can indulge yourself in the choice of zucchini, in this period there are many varieties, one tastier than the other. You can choose between the rounds of Nice, the small and compact Romanesque, the Faenza vegetable garden with firm and sweet pulp, the tastier long Florentine ones or the white Trieste ones, with a more delicate aroma. Each recipe has its own zucchini!

The tricks for a tastier roll

If you decide to use zucchini as a wrapper for your rolls, one way to give even more flavor to the dish is to marinate the zucchini in a mixture of oil, salt and aromatic herbs. The most suitable are undoubtedly basil, oregano and mint, which with its fresh note gives a more intriguing touch to the zucchini. If you like, add garlic too, it will give an irresistible pungent twist.

Zucchini rolls: 10 recipes

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