STARS AND FOOD – WEEK FROM 25 TO 31 MAY – TWINS – Italian Cuisine



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"True passions have their own very specific instinct. Put a plate of fruit in front of a sweet tooth; he will not be wrong, he will choose, even with his eyes closed, the best fruit.”Honoré de Balzac, Cousin Betta, 1846

lucky from 21 May to 21 June

Special ingredient: Fresh cheeses.

Fortuna vegetable: Fresh peas. Courgette flowers. HERE you can find inspiration for the vegetables of this blooming season!

The chef recommends: A sky of medlars, strawberries and seasonal peas mark the restart. For those who eat meat it is a moment of free happiness, at least for this week, without exaggerating! A fragrant and colorful spring constellation is illuminated by a basket-shaped sky full of delicacies that leave smiles on the face and pleasure spread in the stomach. The ingredient of the week are fresh, raw, cooked and green hot cream peas.

Dish of the week: Steam peas (or five minutes of micro waves in a dish covered with celophane). Whole pods with a little coarse salt sprinkled on top. HERE you can find the starting point to prepare them and bring them to the table!
Magic fruit: Medlars and strawberries. Cherries. HERE you can take a cue to prepare different recipes with cherries.


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