STARS AND FOOD – WEEK FROM 18 TO 24 MAY – TWINS – Italian Cuisine



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"Each blade of grass seems to contain a library dedicated to wonder, silence and goodness."Fabrizio Caramagna

lucky from 21 May to 21 June

Special ingredient: Eggs. HERE everything you need to know about how to prepare eggs!
Fortuna vegetable: Zucchini and peas. You can take a look HERE to prepare a surprising pie!

The chef recommends: The Gemini at the table must get up with a little more hunger. This is not an alarm, do not worry, but it would be good for your entire metabolism not to overdo it and it is above all important to keep "an open door". Always, especially on food. Here the feeding should be more careful and without having to fill the stomach to the point of feeling the heaviness of extreme satiety. Excellent savory pies accompanied by raw vegetables.

Dish of the week: Savory pie with courgettes, peas and ricotta with mixed salad. If you want an alternative idea HERE you can find the idea for a different recipe.

Magic fruit: Loquat.


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