STARS AND FOOD – WEEK FROM 16 TO 22 MARCH – FISH – Italian Cuisine



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"More than machines we need humanity. More than intelligence, we need sweetness and goodness.”Charlie Chaplin

lucky from 20 February to 20 March

Special ingredient: Olive pate and HERE you can see that it can also be used as a surprising pesto to season pasta too!
Good luck vegetables: Carrots, celeriac and beets and why not … HERE you can take a cue to make us an amazing gardener with other ingredients.

The chef recommends: In this last week of birthday rounds, the need to find dialogue with one's instinct is highlighted for all Pisces. Do not eat and drink just because it is served to you or because you have it. If needed, refuse or go out and get what you want. Instinct must be nourished, educated and maintained by seeking harmony and supporting it. I have the feeling that the dish of the week can stimulate you.

Dish of the week: Steamed beets and carrots with whipped cream and emulsion of olive oil, lemon and olive pâté.

Magic fruit: Kiwi and almonds and HERE you can take inspiration for an extraordinary dessert!


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