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Spicy cold pasta? It can be done

How to prepare a spicy cold pasta at the right point and our best recipes to eat and eat (with a little bread at hand)

There are those who in summer stay away from the spicy and who, like us, cannot do without them. Just don't overdo it. When the temperatures rise, we are more sensitive to the sensation of heat that the chili pepper gives us and it is a moment that we find ourselves thirsty, sweaty and breathless. No thanks. We leave the boiling in winter, here it is only a matter of giving more character to typically summer preparations such as cold pasta. That way, it will be even better!

Fresh chilli

One of the funniest ways to make cold pasta spicy right away is to add fresh chilli. Wash it, clean it, remove the seeds and mix it with the other ingredients after cutting it into very small cubes. To adjust to the ideal quantities to flavor without exaggerating, try a small piece: each pepper is different from the other.

Dry chilli

In this case we are faced with a more intense ingredient that we usually add during cooking. We can also use it with raw ingredients, but to avoid mixing well, it is best to add it to the dressing that we will prepare a little in advance. Vegetables, tuna, cheese, cherry tomatoes, a pinch of chilli pepper and a round of extra virgin olive oil. Nothing is missing!

Spicy oil

This is the easiest way to prepare a spicy cold pasta. Easy to dose and always available, it can also be served on the table to complete a dish for dish. In this way you will leave the choice between spicy and non to the guests.

Chillies in oil

Also the peppers in oil, which we often find stuffed with tuna, are very tasty. Fine tagliamoli and mix them with seasoned pasta to find a spicy and aromatic touch without exaggerating with burns.

Spicy sauce

The sauce we suggest using is Tabasco: a few drops will transform your dish. But in stores you can also find spicy ketchup, pepper sauces and very intense mustard varieties. Even in this case, the key word is: do not overdo it!

In the gallery above, 4 delicious recipes of spicy cold pasta.

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