Spaghetti with peas recipe | The Italian kitchen – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Spaghetti with peas recipe |  The Italian kitchen

The spaghetti with peas and swordfish they are the dish with which we celebrate these spring legumes. Although they appear in our historical recipe books for the first time in the mid-15th century in the work of Maestro Martino who prepares them with bacon or ham as they are still made today, peas are among the first legumes cultivated by man – in Asia Minor even from 6000 BC

Numerous varieties grown in Italydivided according to the growth habit of the plant: «climbing
(with small, sweet peas), «mezzarama (with medium peas), «a portamento (with large peas). In spring you can find the more tender and sweetpicked before they are completely ripe: they have smooth, bright green skin and an elastic consistency, and detaching them from the pod they carry the peduncle with them (if instead it remains attached to the pod, the pea is too ripe, therefore less tender).

Of these first fruits are also good podswhich can be used to prepare broths or, boiled and pureed, sauces and creams. Less caloric than beans, peas are a good source of proteins and provide iron, phosphorus and fiber.

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