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Never was back to school more desired! But are you sure you've really thought of everything? For example, the snack to put in the folder? Then read here!

The school has finally started again. After six long months in which we parents have improvised teachers and much more, the doors of the institutes are ready to welcome children and young people, for a new routine that is certainly different from the one we knew. How to face the back to school? Anxiety and joy are ingredients that have equal weight these days in the minds and hearts of all mothers and fathers. And if we say "back to school" we can only say "snack"! Yes, because certainly in recent months we have all made some more gluttony and the time has come to get back on track with a healthy and nutritious diet, which gives children the right energy to tackle the study. Here are our suggestions.

Sweet or salty?

Do your children prefer sweet or savory? Choose the snack that best suits their tastes, trying to balance all the elements. A milk sandwich with a slice of cooked ham and a fruit juice are good for those who love salty. A slice of margherita cake with a smoothie, on the other hand, is ideal for those who love sweets. Fruit is also a fundamental ally for a sweet and genuine snack, regardless of the format or type offered to children.

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The snack must also be… comfortable!

Is there no more time to have a quiet snack? It is normal, during the week we are divided between thousands of commitments and for parents it is essential to find the right solution to give children a simple and good snack, but just as practical. What if we chose fruit, for example, but in a format that makes the little ones happy? Mellin proposes the 100% fruit pouches to have a snack with Disney Princesses, Anna and Elsa from Frozen 2 or with the legendary Crichetto, Jackson storm and Lightning Mcqueen from Cars. Apple, pear or mixed fruit such as Apple Banana, Apple Pear, Apple Strawberry and Banana, here is the most suitable snack for children, based on 100% fruit puree, with vitamin C and no added sugars. Perfect to put in your school backpack or sports bag, it's a simple, fresh and practical snack when the bell rings and the kids go out with their typical wolf hunger!

What activity will you do?

An aspect not to be underestimated! There are wild children, who do not stand still for a second, or who play demanding sports that require a boost of energy. Others, on the other hand, are calmer and more sedentary, so they don't need to consume excessive calories. To choose the right snack for your children, take these aspects into consideration, so as to adjust the doses and ingredients according to their actual needs.

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