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Smooth penne: our best recipes

Smooth penne: the best sauces to make great recipes with a format not to be forgotten

Smooth pens are usually less popular than ribbed. To prove it, some packs of dejected smooth pens survived the great expenses of the Milanese put on alert by the threat of the Coronavirus. But why do we use them so little? Driven by the desire to collect as much sauce as possible, we usually rely on the dear old penne rigate, forgetting how perfect they are to prepare some dishes. Here are some perfect sauces to season smooth penne!

Smooth penne courgettes and shrimp

One of the classic sauces that make us fall in love with smooth penne is based on zucchini and shrimp. To respect the consistency of all the ingredients, we recommend dividing the raw courgettes into two parts: one will be steamed and pureed with extra virgin olive oil and pepper to season the penne, the other sautéed for a couple of minutes to keep the crunchiness. To prevent the shrimp from becoming chewy, we recommend blasting them for a minute with the sautéed courgettes and serve all with a minced black pepper.

Smooth penne with sauce

We like this recipe very much because it reminds us of the classic dishes of mothers in the 80s. To make it even better, we recommend preparing a light sauce with a clove of garlic, cherry tomatoes with peel, extra virgin olive oil and salt. If you love strong flavors, complete with a little grated salted ricotta.

Smooth penne with white sauce

If red ragù traditionally accompanies striped formats, smooth pens have a chance with white ragù. You can prepare it based on beef, pork, sausage, rabbit … To ensure that the ingredients are well blended, we recommend starting with the classic sauté, proceeding with cooking the meat, blending with white wine and following cooking by monitoring for presence some juice in the pot. To ensure that it does not dry out too much, we advise you to set aside a boiling broth or some milk. For an even richer result, use fresh cream.

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