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What to bring to the table to combat lack of concentration, irritability, anxiety and a bad mood? Here are the foods that can help you stay away from stress

There are more than 4 million Italians who work in smart working and in the coming weeks there could be many more. The latest Prime Ministerial Decree of the Government to contain the pandemic in fact encourages the use of agile work both in public administration and in private companies. But working from home can sometimes be more tiring. The confirmation comes from the results of a survey conducted by LinkedIn on 2,000 workers: 46% of smart workers feel more anxious and stressed; as many as 27% have difficulty sleeping well at night; 26% feel a lack of concentration during the day. "Often the problem depends on lifestyle mistakes, including diet, which can make it more difficult to adapt to the new daily rhythms and the menage of family life", he explains Valentina Galiazzo, nutrition biologist specializing in clinical biochemistry. "Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and have the habit of exaggerating at the table with sweets, baked goods, snacks and industrial foods, rich in fats and sugars, are likely to face more easily, for example, psychophysical fatigue and sudden changes in d ' mood. To avoid the problem, it is necessary to focus on digestible and nutrient-rich foods that allow the body to function at its best even in stressful situations ". Here are the foods that cannot be missing in the daily menus to work better from home.

Smart working: 10 foods to work better from home

To promote a good mood

Working in smart working often tends to be more lazy and sedentary. The reduction in motor activity, especially in the open air, can favor the decrease in serotonin and endorphins, which facilitates the onset of nervousness and irritability. To have greater momentum in facing the working day from home, it may be useful to move more around the home and enrich the daily menus with foods that promote the synthesis of neurormones that counteract stress. "Avocado, walnuts, dark chocolate, for example, are a source of tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes their production and helps you feel calmer and more relaxed".

To improve concentration

Has the return to smart working knocked out intellectual performance and do you feel mentally overtired? In the three main meals of the day, make sure you have a good protein intake, alternating fish, eggs, meat, legumes and dairy products at the table. «The essential amino acids of which proteins are formed stimulate the production of neurotransmitters such as tyrosine which activate brain functions. To have an efficient brain even in the most demanding moments, it is also necessary to stock up in the daily menus of healthy fats, in particular Omega 3, which protect the memory and promote mental clarity. For example, an excellent strategy is to enrich salads with a handful of dried fruit or seeds ".

Smart working: 10 foods to work better from home

To combat sleepiness

The load of things to do during the day and social isolation can also interfere with the quality of rest, favoring the appearance of fatigue and sleepiness during the day and insomnia at night. «To counter the problem, yes to foods rich in B vitamins. They positively affect productivity and help you feel more energized. In particular, they support the nervous system and energy metabolism and, at the same time, promote the production of melatonin, the hormone involved in the regulation of sleep. Green leafy vegetables such as chicory and lettuce, eggs and milk are particularly rich in it .

In the gallery above 10 foods to work better in smart working

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