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Second Christmas dishes to prepare in advance

How to simplify life in the kitchen at Christmas? Cooking some courses first. Meanwhile we give you some ideas for meat and fish

How to survive the frenzy that the organization of lunches and dinners Feasts take with you? Organization, dear, old organization. Paper and pen in hand, calendar view, division of tasks and anticipation of as many tasks as possible, so you can then enjoy the holidays. With our own ideas for Christmas main courses to prepare in advance you won't even have to struggle to think about what to cook, just cook in the kitchen.

Second Christmas dishes to prepare in advance: fish

The risk with the fish is that it dries up too much when it is heated before being brought to the table. However, there are some second Christmas dishes to prepare in advance that will satisfy those who on the night of the Christmas Eve eat thin: stuffed squid and the Codfish In Wet they will remain moist and juicy thanks to their sauce. A typically Ligurian dish like the Cappon Magro – a salad, even if to call it this way is an understatement, of fish and vegetables – it is another excellent second to prepare a few days before being eaten.

Second Christmas dishes to prepare in advance: the meat

The dishes based on meat they lend themselves better to be preserved and then eaten later, indeed they tend to be even more tasty. Yours roast favorite will be very good even if you ate it the next day (cut it into slices only when you serve it though) or even, if thawed and sprinkled with its sauce. If you want to give an extra touch to the classic roast with milk, for example, add 50-100 g of pistachios to the sauce in which the meat is cooked for the last half hour, blend and sprinkle the roast with a delicious and spectacular green sauce. Dishes like the guinea fowl, the capon or stuffed goose are other aces in the hole among the second courses to prepare in advance. Here too the same rule applies to roasts: cut them only at the time of service. If you are looking for a less demanding second course – or to transform into a vegan key cabbage rolls they are excellent even if heated, as well as, for children both young and old, the whole vast world of meatballs and meatloafs.

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