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Sea and gin: what a good Trani in August!

On August 5, appointment at 8.30 pm in il Vecchio and the Sea of ​​Trani with the gastronomic review dedicated to the "Mediterranean Spirit" in an enchanting location between rocks and sea

Organized by Francesca de Leonardis and the guys from "The Old Man and the Sea", Sapori in Terrazza is the gastronomic event dedicated to the "Mediterranean Spirit" which will be held in Trani on August 5 at 8.30 pm at the Il Vecchio e il Mare restaurant. Guests will be asked to explore the scents and flavors of our sea, accompanied by the pleasure of discovering MuMa, the first Gin made in Puglia. MuMa was created with purified sea water and six botanicals typical of the Mediterranean to create something that was not there yet. Behind the Savino Muraglia project, the brothers Marinaro and Stefania Urso.
Sea water, the six essences and a secret ingredient make eight, eight like the sides of the perimeter of Castel del Monte, a symbol chosen for the octagonal label of the inimitable packaging of MuMa Gin.

A little spoiler on the menu? Here it is served! raw tagliatelle with oil and lemon, seafood with the presence of the oyster in combination with the Casal 75 drink, creation of the Antonio Divenuto bar tender; immediately after, oyster tasting with the MuMa cicchetto and finally, on the terrace, the pan prepared by the chef Tony Allegretti, based on shavings with the monkfish and cherry tomato in combination with the Mediterranean punch drink.
Reservations required: 3271713672, Ticket 30 euros.

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