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»Savoy biscuits hut - Misya biscuits hut recipe

First prepare the royal icing: pour the egg whites into a bowl, add a few drops of lemon and start whipping with whips.
When the egg whites begin to whisk, start adding the sugar a little at a time, continuing to work until you get a smooth and compact glaze.

Transfer the ice into a sac-à-poche.
Create the front and back parts of the house, joining 8 biscuits together, placing the ice on the wide side and stacking them.

Similarly, prepare the two side walls, but stacking only 5 biscuits instead of 8.
Then go to the roof: in this case, you must add 6 ladyfingers, but join them with the ice on the narrower side, vertically (looking at the picture, it is clearer).

When all the pieces are ready, let them dry overnight.

Shape the front of the house: with a hacksaw knife, cut the 3 ladyfingers diagonally on top to create the shape for the roof.
Then make a central opening, which will be the little door of the cabin, cutting out the 4 savoiardi at the bottom.

As you did for the front side, cut the back side diagonally (in this case obviously you don't need the door).
Keep the cut parts: later you will use a little to create the chimney of the cabin.

When you have ready all the pieces proceed to the assembly.

Place the back of the house on the work surface, place a little ice on the side ends, stopping at the roof.
Do the same with the front side.
Then add the two sides adding the 2 smaller pieces (of 5 ladyfingers) that you have built as side walls.

Your hut starts to take shape, but for now it still looks like a ruined house: it's time to add the roof.
Put a little ice on the sides cut diagonally of the front and back facades and rest them on the two sides of the roof (those with the 6 ladyfingers placed vertically instead of flat).
Use more ice to join the two sides of the roof, at the top of the house.
Finally recover a piece of biscuits cut diagonally and use it to create the chimney, always sticking it to the roof with ice.

Do not miss the final touch: decorate the front side with star anise (attach it to the top of the roof with some real ice) and sprinkle it all with a little icing sugar.
Let it rest for another 2 hours, so that it freezes solidify, then bring the ladyfinger cabin to the table and amaze all your guests!

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