#SaveThePanettone: the initiative against waste (Knam also participates) – Italian Cuisine

Too Good To Go launches #SaveThePanettone, the initiative that will allow you to save the sweets of the Holidays. Master Ernst Knam is also contributing

According to estimates at Christmas alone in Italy over 500,000 tons of food are thrown away, with an economic loss for a single family of € 80. Just take a trip to the supermarket to realize it: although Carnival sweets have already appeared on the shelves, there are piles of unsold panettone waiting to be saved.

As? He thought about it Too Good To Go, the app that since 2015 has allowed bars and restaurants to sell food that is not sold but “too good to be thrown away” online at reduced prices.
In January, in Milan, Rome and Palermo and in over 100 shops throughout Italy, users will be able to purchase specials Magic Box containing Christmas products that need to be saved.

From 17 to 23 January, 47 stores of Carrefour Hypermarkets and Carrefour Market will join #SaveThePanettone in which the sweets of the holidays will be made available.
They also participate in the initiative Ernst and Frau Knam: from 20 January it will be possible to save Knam artisanal panettone at their respective stores in Milan. But this is not the only contribution of the king of chocolate.

"In order to raise awareness as many people as possible on the issue of food waste, we launched Remix, an eBook that can be downloaded for free from our site, which provides tips and anti-waste recipes" he declares Eugenio Sapora, Italy Country Manager of Too Good To Go.
Among the recipes, from all the countries where the app operates, there is an unmissable Ernst Knam's recipe to recycle the chocolate and nougat left over from the Holidays.

Knam chocolate and nougat mousse cake


400 g of liquid cream
300 g of nougat
300 g of powdered sugar
225 g of egg whites
200 g of dark chocolate
100 g of egg yolks
90 g of unsweetened cocoa powder
30 g of potato starch


Preheat the oven to 200 ° C and start beating the egg yolks with 100g of powdered sugar for about 5 minutes. Subsequently, whip the egg whites with the rest of the icing sugar and once done, gently mix the two compounds also incorporating the sifted cocoa and starch.

Spread the contents on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and bake for 9-10 minutes. Then, in a bowl, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and lightly whip the cream separately. Now pour the cream into the bowl containing the chocolate and mix the two compounds with the whisk until you get a mousse.

Once the marquise is out of the oven, sprinkle it with a light layer of granulated sugar and you will be ready to compose your dessert! Place the marquise base in a mold and add some coarsely crumbled pieces of nougat, taking care to cover everything with the chocolate mousse.

Leave the cake to rest for 2 hours in the refrigerator and once cold decorate the edges with chocolate chips (alternatively you can also use a dry crumbled biscuit) and cover it with a thin layer of cocoa powder and other pieces of nougat.

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