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Sardinia, an ice cream cup in exchange for a bucket of waste

Until August 18, from 18 to 20, there is the Ape-recycling, for those who want to help keep the beach clean and want to taste a 100% made in Sardinia specialty

The hour of the aperitif is approaching: if you are among the lucky ones who spend it on a beach in Sardinia, ask for your bucket and give your contribution for an ever cleaner beach. The Ape-recycling arrives: for the whole week, until 18 August, from 18 to 20, before leaving the beach, with the bucket received you can collect the waste abandoned by distracted tourists: from cigarette butts, to litter, to plastic cups. Once filled, the container must be returned and returned. All the waste will then be appropriately differentiated and prepared for recycling.

In addition to the awareness of having done a good deed, for those who adhere to the initiative there is another gratification: in exchange for the full bucket you get a free "recycling cup", with three flavors of Bolmea ice cream (the company that launched the initiative), prepared with 100% made in Sardinia ingredients.

The coastlines that adhere

The kiosks and bars where it will be possible to collect and deliver the bucket in exchange for Sardinian ice cream are the kiosk The Wave at the San Pietro beach in Valledoria, the kiosk La Rena on the Li Feruli beach in Trinità d’Agulto, the kiosk Mari di Cea on the beach of Baia Cea Tortolì, the kiosk Ale Summer in Porto Rotondo at the Ira beach and the bar Atacama at the Third Beach in Porto Istana.

"With this initiative we want to promote among our partners and our consumers respect for the environment and our territory from which every day we collect the best raw materials for our products ”, explains the founder of Bolmea, Marcello Muntoni. "In fact, our ice creams are made using only local ingredients such as fresh 100% Sardinian milk, as well as cream, yogurt, ricotta and water from the local springs of the Monti del Limbara". The company is committed to reducing the environmental impact also by creating recyclable food cardboard packaging.

One step, ten waste

Based on the last survey Beach litter 2019 of Legambiente, which has monitored 93 Italian coastlines, 10 waste passes every step on Italian beaches. IS 81% is represented by plastic with which the disposable objects such as bottles, dishes, straws and envelopes are produced, as confirmed by the report. "Every hundred meters of beach we come across 45 bottles and 34 plastic dishes: plates, glasses, cutlery and straws. Items we use for just a few minutes but which, if not properly disposed of, can pollute forever. Indeed the risk is that, if dispersed in the environment, they will fragment into billions of microplastics that can easily disperse in the sea and equally easily contaminate the food chain

Every year, according to the latest WWF report, 570 thousand tons of plastic end up in the Mediterranean waters: Italy spills half a million tons of plastic waste into nature. In the summer period, the tourist flow increases the production of plastic waste by an average of 30%.

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