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The estate extends as far as the eye can see. It embraces soft hills combed by vineyards and olive groves, and forwards between wheat fields and, to finish in woods and pastures, where black pigs of the ancient Mora Romagnola breed grow and happy bees are bred.

183669But it is at lunchtime that you appreciate the "size" of San Patrignano: when, in small groups or in dribs and drabs, the over 1,300 guests of what is the largest community for recovery from addictions (and the largest non-professional kitchen) in Europe arrive. The food in San Patrignano it is really important: it nourishes the bodies and, at the same time, it nourishes the hope of a new life. Most of the guests, in fact, are committed to taking care of the earth and transforming its products: it is a concrete way to stay in touch with nature and with themselves. The production cycle starts from the feed mill, from the breeding of cattle and pigs and cultivation, operated according to the principles of integrated agriculture a low environmental impact.



The raw materials are transformed in the internal laboratories in cheeses, meats, wine, honey, pasta, piadina and desserts, then used in the community kitchen and sold outside. Or wisely used in the Vine restaurant (, open to the public: here, under the guidance of chefs and experienced maîtrees, the kids put themselves to the test at the tables and in the kitchen. On the other hand, training is one of the pillars of San Patrignano. During the four years of stay in the community (very limited visits and the few exits relegated to the end of the path), they learn a profession. And in 40% of cases they continue to do it even once they have gone out. Food is an important vehicle of values. In San Patrignano the ritual of meals is the moment of meeting, sharing and also of memory, because he remembers with a moment of silence Vincenzo Muccioli, who created it in 1978. And it is also the moment of rest, in days marked by a perfect and relentless organization, which includes beyond 40 sectors between production activities and training. Idleness and "unemployment" do not exist: everyone has a task and does their part in running the community, which takes care of everyone for free and does not receive a euro from the state. 65% self-finances (the remaining 35% is the result of private donations, such as the "5×1000"). The San Patrignano agricultural cooperative is a social enterprise that makes artisanal products, obtained from a short and integrated supply chain, sustainable and respectful of biodiversity.



Over the years the productions have grown a lot. And not only in quantity but also in quality, thanks also to the contribution of many experts who have come to teach their secrets to children, such as the oenologist Riccardo Cotarella who takes care of the technical direction of the wines. Thus the products of "SanPa" reap prizes and cross the borders of the community. You can buy them in the shop open a few kilometers from the community (ironically called SP.accio) and in some distribution chains (Despar, Conad, Carrefour and Iper). Each product has the brand "SanPatrignano. Good twice" and tells the story of who made it on the packaging.

Of Manuela Soressi

Picture of Felice Scoccimarro, chef's recipes Federico Polito with the help of the guys from Vine restaurant

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