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San Patrignano, a race for life (among the vineyards of the community)

On Sunday the WeFree Run returns, the appointment that starts the month of prevention: you can participate in the 12 kilometer foot race or the 3.5 walk. There will also be community boys and Despar, who supports the initiative

A race to encourage a healthy lifestyle, to promote sport, to show yourself that you know how to love yourself. Sunday (September 22) returns to the San Patrignano's WeFree Run, the appointment that starts the month of October, dedicated to the prevention that the community carries out throughout the national territory.

You can choose to participate in the 12-kilometer foot race or at 3.5 walk: the race will develop on a 4 km loop, and three will be done tours among the vineyards of the community. The first three men and the first three women classified will be awarded by Despar, the consortium that brings together six food distribution companies, which supports the WeFree Run for the values ​​it shares with San Patrignano: the centrality of people and the importance of prevention. Despar will offer all participants a welcome kit with gadgets and shopping vouchers. Those who prefer the walk, on the other hand, will do only one 3.5-kilometer ride on a paved path between the downtown facilities. The 1300 boys will also participate guests of San Patrignano, which for this special occasion opens to the outside.

The WeFree project for schools

WeFree will continue with the stage of 26 and 27 September in Isola della Scala, in the province of Verona: the project is aimed at children aged 13 to 19, parents, educators and teachers from all over Italy, and foresees both visits to the community and specific initiatives, such as theatrical performances, debates and interactive workshops, dedicated mainly to schools. This format is called A thin white line, like the book by journalist Angela Iantosca, who told the personal story of the San Patrignano children and conducted surveys on the main Italian marketplaces. The boys of the theater company of San Patrignano and the author, on the stage, will trace a path made of emotions, testimonies, but above all of hope.

Every year San Patrignano meets about 50 thousand students from all over Italy, to make them aware of the problem of drugs and a healthy lifestyle. "The prevention together with the recovery", explains Piero Prenna, president of the community, "is one of the pillars of our commitment".

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