Salvia & Limone Take Away, the new cocktails on the go – Italian Cuisine

Spring air
Cherry tomatoes with sea filling
Pesto swivels with cherry tomatoes
Russian saffron salad
Pea scones, cheese and dried tomato
Supplì of rice
Fried chisolini with salami
Appetizers with olives and cheese pâté
Vol-au-vent with black sesame with creamed cod and pumpkin
Salted pancake with anchovies and Prosecco
Crostini with liver foam
Crackers and pepper sauce
mini croissants with cheese and ham
Madama Butterfly
Olives all'ascolana
Corn snack type Fonzies
Canapes tray
Potato and cod croquettes
Crostino di mare with tuna and bottarga
Five thousand lire
Salted Plumcake
Zucchini squash
Crostini with ’nduja, radishes and soncino
Green go cocktail
Rustic pitta of corn
Spring's dream
Stuffed wings with spicy sauce
Omelet roll with feta cheese and courgette flowers
Melon gazpacho with prawns
Bloody Mary
Baguette with crab, oysters and green beans
Cheese ravioli
Crostini with liver foam
Santiago sour
Churros with Port sauce
Sea skewers and fennel cream
Kalitsounia, Crete appetizer
Pimm's Mediterranean
Italian sushi
Alemanno fizz
Mini porridge with spicy sausage and endive
Leek and goat tartlets
Carrot blinis with scamorza, ham and rocket
Tuna and spring onion mousse with olive croutons
Pumpkin flowers in beer batter and creamy robiola
Fruit and Vegetables
Small carrots of courgette with spring onion sauce

Compagnia dei Caraibi, a Piedmontese company that imports and distributes premium and ultra premium spirits from all over the world, has recently made a kit available for the perfect consumption of cocktail on the go: Salvia & Limone Take Away, a new way of consumption and a series of cocktails made with its own proprietary liqueur.

Sage & Lemon Take Away

A project on which the company has been working for some time, designed to enhance and make practically usable one of its most contemporary liqueurs and that could be defined high walking mixology, the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of an excellent cocktail in a new, dynamic, free and safe consumption occasion.

Sage & Lemon of Compagnia dei Caraibi is a contemporary, refreshing and versatile liqueur: from the fresh section it is ideal for mixology, consumed both smooth and mixed, perfect in summer, but also excellent in the colder months as a hot and digestive drink.
Precisely for its versatility, Salvia & Limone goes perfectly with a wide range of premium spirits, from agaves to gin, from rum to vermouth. Salvia & Limone Take Away will also have its own dedicated drink list, created by Emanuele Russo of the NAt of Turin.

In conjunction with the reopening of bars and restaurants, Compagnia dei Caraibi will offer all the best cocktail bars in the Peninsula the opportunity to offer fascinating and original mixes of Sage & Lemon Take Away, which can be enjoyed comfortably on the move with a closed and practical glass, during hot summer days.
The Kit is composed by biodegradable glasses and caps and from one bench blackboard, ideal for being exposed or brought to outdoor tables and easily sanitizable. A proposal that allows you to offer the pleasure of a high quality cocktail in maximum safety, in such a way innovative and eco friendly.

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