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Romantic menu: Leche de Tigre

How to prepare a romantic menu for two: the advice of La Scuola de la Cucina Italiana for an irresistible Valentine's dinner

The February 14th It's coming and you have not even thought about a romantic menu for Valentine's day?

The chefs of The School of Italian Cuisine they have some tips to make Valentine's dinner unforgettable, but also to win at the table from the first date.

The romantic Valentine's menu

Beauty, lightness, strong flavors and exotic: if you want to conquer (or regain) at the table, these must be the inevitable characteristics of your menu.
The eye wants its part: the beautiful colors of the ingredients and the presentation of the dish are the first thing to keep in mind to fascinate and tempt. We then move on to scents and to the heavy tastes that awaken the senses, perhaps exotic, to arouse curiosity and amaze the palate. Obviously the meal must be light and digestible: you would not want to risk the post-dinner abbiocco!

To create a menu refined is funny, you do not have to follow the classic appetizer-first-second-dessert order, but you can play with originality and unusual ingredients.

Aphrodisiac ingredients and essential combinations

What are then the ingredients to choose to create a menu according to their taste, but able to foment desire and passion?
The trick is to select ingredients characterized by both property exciting natural, both from flavors I decided, Which help to stimulate the senses. Let's see some, discovering quality and combinations to try.

Oysters, caviar and crustaceans
Ingredients like these, with a good content of zinc, promote testosterone production. An idea? Raw shrimp, marinated with lime, to be combined with exotic fruit like passion fruit, the mango or the papaya.

Chocolate and chili
Chocolate, thanks to its properties, stimulates the production of endorphin is serotonin, or substances that favor the good mood, and this is why you can not miss it in a romantic menu. The best combination? With the aphrodisiac ingredient par excellence, a vasodilator natural: the chili obviously!

Do not distort your nose: like chilli, garlic also helps increase blood flow. Enough to mitigate the taste sbianchirlo in the milk: after having peeled and removed the central part, you have to dip the segments 7-8 times in boiling milk, for about 2 minutes (every time it would be advisable to change the milk).
You are looking for a menu easy is fast? Aiming on garlic is ideal if you do not have much time, for example with a classic dish of spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli.

Other fundamental aphrodisiac ingredients: i asparagus, which stimulate the male hormones thanks to vitamin E; the ginger and lo saffronbecause they promote circulation; the almonds, with their stimulating properties; there rocket salad, which offers a spicy aftertaste.

The aphrodisiac drink

To seduce you can not miss an intriguing drink. You know the leche de tigre? It is an aphrodisiac drink typical of Peruvian cuisine, prepared with ceviche juice.

Romantic menu: Leche de Tigre
Romantic menu: Leche de Tigre

The ceviche It is a recipe based on raw fish or seafood, marinated in citrus. Try for example with an oyster: prepare it with one marinating of lime, garlic, ginger, celery, coriander or parsley, red pepper and red onion. In short, an explosion of aphrodisiac ingredients.
The juice of the marinade will also serve you to prepare the so-called tiger milk: white wine, vodka or Peruvian pisco, as per tradition. Dish and drink in one shot!

If you want one cocktail sensual more classic, we recommend: gin and tonic with ginger and chilli.

Let's find out lots of other tips to conquer the Couples in Kitchen course in the kitchen.

Text by Alessandro Pirollo

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