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Roero, a territory to discover and enjoy – Italian Cuisine

Many initiatives and many new features in the land of Roero. Through the new Thematic Paths that wind through the Roero hills it will be possible to discover the best vineyards and the best wines that are part of the RoeroDOCG. The Roero Days, in Bologna, will be an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the flavors of this land.

Like everything that is recognized Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, also the fascinating territory of the Roero deserved a dedicated study. Beauty and history, tradition and novelty, vitality and culture: this – and much more – is what one breathes while traveling through those rolling hills that hide great wines and wonderful expressions of nature.


Who better than wine producers, who live and observe the vineyards and the environment, could realize the real heritage that this territory represents? That is why it was they who decided to meet and recognize each other as a group through the constitution of Roero protection consortium, in the recent 2014. To date, as many as 50% of the winemakers are part of it, channeling 70% of the local DOCG production under the Consortium.

It is divided into the production of four types of wine, known as Roero, Roero Riserva, Roero Arneis and Roero Arneis Spumante. The protagonists of these labels are two vines, respectively with red and white berries. The first could not be other than the Nebbiolo, standard-bearer of the Piedmontese wine-making vocation; the second has the same name that stands in the corresponding Denomination, that is Arneis.

The intimate and profound bond that exists between these grapes and the Roero territory goes to exalt more and more the uniqueness of a terroir that can be experienced through the nectar of Bacchus as well as through local gastronomic specialties. But not only. The beauties of the hills of Roero they are not limited to small treasures hidden on the tables, but can also be admired getting lost in the glimpses of the hilly landscapes.

For all those who want to experience this authentic immersion in the spectacular natural beauty, the Ecomuseo delle Rocche del Roero has given life to a journey of Theme Trails in the Roero, which can be traveled by bicycle thanks to the support of maps, GPS track and above all thanks to the new App for smart devices "izi.Travel" (ie an audio guide platform that will help tourists to be addressed through the different points of interest). Thanks to these itineraries it will be possible to see and recognize all the MGA, that is the wine-growing areas to which a particular viticultural vocation has been recognized in the same way as the French Cru.


But for the diehards of food and wine pleasure, there is a not to be missed event: i Roero Days, now in their fourth edition. From March 31st to April 1st, the two-day event will be held with the participation of 59 wineries. The Roero wines – for the first time bearing the MGA on the label – will animate workshops, seminars and tastings, in which important personalities of Italian food and wine will speak such as the “Doctor Wine"Daniele Cernilli. Everything will happen in Bologna, a generous land where the local wine expression will mix with the Roero one, offering tourists a union united by quality and the desire to tell our beautiful Italy of taste.

Sofia Landoni
March 2019

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